Hey, Leave The Internet Out of This

Jeff Jarvis says the darndest things. In response, The Ad Contrarian says things too. …the internet has created a new species of human being. And these new human beings live in a wonderful world in which they have relationships with all the companies that make the products they use. And the only time companies need […]

Cheetos’ Big Balls

Consumed columnist, Rob Walker is wigged about the introduction of over-sized Cheetos. The bag describes its contents as “Dangerously cheesy taste in a dangerously cheesy ball!” The phrase “dangerously cheesy” has a trademark next to it. To me, the contents do look dangerous. But then even my inner 12-year-old finds Cheetos a little frightening, with […]

Sham Not Wow

Unless You’re Neil Young Or Bob Dylan, Reinventing Yourself Can Be A Bad Idea

Typically, resistance to an ad campaign comes from the hordes of disinterested viewers and sometimes from various activist groups. Not this time. This time the new campaign from Chipotle and Butler Shine & Stern is taking a beating on an ad blog. In fact, The Denver Egotist has a bring back the big ass burrito […]

BK’s Tex-Mex A Bit Too Spicy For Some

The Mexican Ambassador to Spain called the ad above offensive to Mexicans and damaging to the country’s image. I wonder how much BK paid him to say that. [via Ad Age]

Today In Twitterverse: Make It Matter Or Make It Go Away

Spike Jones at Brains on Fire has been one of my favorite bloggers for years. Today, he posted a post to beat all posts. Here’s how it starts: Noise. Noise. Noise. You should be on Facebook. You should be on Twitter. Noise. Noise. Noise. Make a viral video. We should blog. Noise. Noise. Noise. Leave […]

Douchebags Need A Burger Place Too

We like to explore whether or not ads work for the consumer, the agency and the brand. Because they need to. But others with an “ads as cultural fodder” approach to their criticism look at things like racism and sexism in ads. Take Sarah Haskins of CurrentTV. Here she is with a blistering assessment of […]

Advertising Vs. Information

TechCrunch, which makes a sizable income selling advertising that runs adjacent to its popular content, is offering a “sky is falling” piece by Wharton professor Eric Clemmons in order to stimulate debate. Here are a few choice selections from Clemmons’ guest post: Advertising will fail. My basic premise is that the internet is not replacing […]

A Little Leg, A Lot Of Fun

This is an odd spot for Old Navy, although somewhat entertaining in a mindless I don’t have nearly enough sundresses kind of way. But, for some in the audience, it’s also loaded. Nazneen Patel , writer and political provocateur, recognizes that “it’s obnoxious and counterproductive to cry ‘RACE’ every time something like this makes an […]

Ads Not Nearly As Provocative As The Station’s Programming

Current TV’s Vanguard programming tackles some tough subjects. In fact, as I write this, I’m watching a report on how the U.S. is already at war with Iran. Italian ad blogger, Flavia Brevi, tells us that out of home ads for the program have been banned from the Metro in Rome. Is the United States […]