Breathe New Life Into Bad Radio Spots

Thanks to Steve Hall at Adrants for pointing us to the Sow’s Ear Award contest. The Sow’s Ear Award contest is being conducted by Hedquist Productions in Fairfield IA, which explains their pig obsession. Currently, there are 3 produced radio spots on the Sow’s Ear Award Website. Rewrite the spot, and if your spot is […]

Crusades Come To Community Radio

According to this New York Times report, Christian broadcasting groups are threatening high school and college radio stations with petitions to the Federal Communications Commission asking that they be denied their renewal licensing. “I thought, ‘Is this fiction?’ ” Steve George, faculty advisor to WRFT in Indianapolis recalled. “Who could do this?” He has since […]

If We Don’t Measure Their Impact Maybe They’ll Go Away

Ad Age: Terrestrial broadcasters insist they’re not nervous about satellite radio’s 7 million subscribers, but they’ve successfully stalled Arbitron’s plan to add satellite and online radio listening to its diary measurement system. Arbitron was originally scheduled to instruct its diary keepers to record their satellite and online radio listening in the fall 2005 book. Instead, […]

Gin Joins Juice On Satellite Radio

The New York Times: Sirius Satellite Radio is joining the growing ranks of media outlets that accept liquor advertising, as it begins running musical commercials for Diageo’s Tanqueray gin. Neither Sirius Satellite Radio nor its rival, XM Satellite Radio, carries commercials on any of its scores of music channels. Both carry spots on most of […]

What Mercury Sounds Like

Ford Motor Company is offering four audio streams from their Mercury Radio page. VW was first-to-market with this technology a few years ago, but the German automaker discontinued its internet radio station last year.

Ready For Roadcasting?

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Just as commuters are catching up to the idea of satellite radio for their cars, former graduate students at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a next-generation radio concept that allows users to tune into music from iPods and other digital music players in nearby cars. The idea, which the students developed for an […]

Mixing Media

New York Times: With its long reliance on talk formats and call-in programs, radio was arguably the first open-source media form. Now a new Public Radio International program, “Open Source from P.R.I.,” will test whether the collective intelligence permeating the Web can make not just loud radio, but smart radio. Not only does the program […]

Satellite Radio A Hit With Baseball Fans

New York Times: Displaced baseball fans who used to need a pricey cable package or a high-speed Internet connection to follow their favorite teams now only require a hand-held satellite radio, the familiar voice of a hometown broadcaster and a healthy imagination. “I feel like a kid again,” said Nathan Olson, a Cubs fan from […]

Listening In On Microbrands. Hook It Up!

LA Times is running a piece on the return of internet radio. Since I listen to internet radio every day (I’m near a computer), I hadn’t realized the medium had gone away. In fact, I’m still discovering new stations all the time. Just last week, thanks to Bret Dougherty, I found WXYC in Chapel Hill […]

Yeah You Right

As part of my daily media intake, I include a healthy serving of Lagniappe Jazz into the mix. “Lagniappe” roughly translates to hospitality, Nawlins style, or a relaxed way of life. In a far from relaxed mode, the Recording Industry Association of America threatens the ability of small independent webcasters to provide the type of […]