Buy A New Eclipse Or The Terrorists Win

You can’t accuse car dealers, or their advertising, of being subtle. From The Columbus Dispatch: Some Columbus radio stations have rejected as insensitive an advertisement for a car dealership that invokes Islamic references. In the spot, Keith Dennis of Dennis Mitsubishi talks about “launching a jihad on the automotive market.” Sales representatives “will be wearing […]

A Reserve Supply Of Fresh Spinach

Usage Patterns Emerge For Online Radio Stations

eMarketer looks at a study by hear2.0, and concludes that terrestrial radio may be missing a beat. Why not conclude the inverse, that specialty webcasters are capitalizing? I listen to distant community radio on a daily basis. WNCW, to be exact. I also listen to some specialty web-only stations like New Orleans Radio and Nugs […]

Can’t We All Just Sing-A-Long?

You want to know what’s good? An art director who can write is good. Bill Green of Make the logo bigger is such a creature. Here’s his take on a Coors Light radio spot that made him want to punch the radio: Really trying hard here not to be an asshole, but if anyone can […]

Sponsored Entertainment Meet Traditional Radio

I’ve been advocating branded use of internet radio for years. My argument goes something like this: Why buy media on radio when you can own the entire station? Snapple is bringing this concept to traditional radio. The beverage brand is sponsoring five and half weeks of programming at WFNX FM in Boston, (the station’s two […]

Radio A Go Go

Edward Baig of USA TODAY likes the Pioneer Inno. The folks at XM Satellite Radio, along with Pioneer and Samsung, have teamed on next-generation portable players that combine MP3 functionality with the XM service. The handsome 4.5-ounce gray-and-black Pioneer Inno XM2go unit that I’ve been testing is a very appealing gadget, notwithstanding the $400 price […]

Sounds Like Bacardi

Back in late 2002 and the first half of 2003 I was working to bring internet radio to my main client, Coors Brewing Company. I never got out of the shop with the idea. Although I did manage to set up a beta station–KTIG–for Integer, the agency that employed me at the time. Given my […]

Damn, That Sounds Good

From New York Times: In a world of glossy food magazines, $50 cookbooks and television hosts who seem to care more about make-up than marinades, a quieter, cheaper and decidedly more old-fashioned way to explore cooking is getting new play. Driven by inexpensive podcasting equipment, the freedom of the Internet and a nation obsessed with […]

Talk Radio 2.0

Washington Post: XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. plans to introduce new technologies next year that will allow users to switch stations using voice commands. XM, working with Kirkland, Wash.-based VoiceBox Technologies Inc., is designing a system that allows the driver of a car to control the radio by asking it to search by genre of […]

Time To Subscribe

Washington Post: Bob Dylan — singer, songwriter, former counterculture figure and voice of a generation — has added another line to his rsum: radio DJ. The enigmatic troubadour has signed on to host a weekly show on XM Satellite Radio, the D.C.-based pay-radio provider. Dylan will select the music, offer commentary, interview guests and answer […]