Rush to the Bank

At lunch today I was reading The New York Times business section. On the front page of that section there’s a big photo of Rush Limbaugh (not available online) and an article that reveals his newly negotiated income. I don’t mind saying it grossed me out. Limbaugh, who has 20 million listeners a week on […]

iLike R.E.M.

Radio, like newspapers, is being hit with body blows from the internet. Here’s the latest round: iLike, a social network for music fans, is scoring big today with the pre-release of R.E.M.’s new album. The roll-out, the first of its kind for a major act, will allow fans to stream and share Accelerate in its […]

All Bruce All The Time

Sirius, with its multi-channel lineup is able to take a couple of deep dives into the world of a particular artist. In addition to the Boss’ channel, Sirius also offers a Grateful Dead channel. Share

Web Advertising Overtakes Radio

From Forbes: U.S. Internet advertising spending is poised to overtake radio advertising for the first time, providing a reminder that broadcasters need to be more aggressive in their embrace of online opportunities. U.S. radio ad spending is expected to inch up 1.5% in 2007, to $20.4 billion, short of online ad expenditures of $21.7 billion, […]

Diversity Threatened By Institutional Greed

I went to stream some indie rock on WOXY this morning, but none came through. Today is a The Day of Silence, an international protest against exorbitant royalty rates that threaten the existence of all but the most well funded webcasters. The Internet Radio Equality Act has recently been introduced in both the House and […]

Stream On You Crazy Diamonds

The New York Times investigates increased online activity at many of the nation’s mainstream radio stations. These moves to stay relevant and reach listeners where they live come at a tough time for all who would dare to stream audio, as the federal Copyright Royalty Board is intent on levying monolithic fees for such use. […]

Stocking The Stream

Venture capitalist, Fred Wilson, explains his firm’s latest investment and the business opportunity in internet radio. Streaming radio is very popular already. A recent comScore study reported the cumulative monthly audience of the top four online radio networks at 6.2mm US listeners. If you include all internet radio, that number is certainly well over 10mm […]

Radio By The Hour

The New York Times is reporting on an innovative move in the Dallas radio market, at a time when traditional radio is faced with increasing competition from satellite radio and iPods (which are often equipped for the car). Clear Channel Communications is trying something radically different at a commercial radio station in Texas: getting rid […]

Advertisers Dump Imus

Let’s face it; advertising is the only reason Don Imus has ever had a job on radio. Because without sponsors paying to reach listeners, there’s no show. Now, comes this story from Bloomberg: Staples Inc. and Bigelow Tea stopped advertising on radio host Don Imus’s morning show to protest his racially charged remarks about the […]

I’ll Fight For You, Internet Radio

I don’t like what I’m reading today about new fee structures for internet radio. Orbitcast and Arts Technica warn of the format’s demise. While