Labor Day Isn’t Just Another Day Off…

A blast from the past, courtesy of the International Ladies Garment Workers’ Union: Though outside of American Apparel, clothing made in the U.S.A, or by anyone paid over a dollar an hour, ain’t all that easy to find these days… Share

You Just Stepped On A Landmine

There are a multitude of social, environmental and economic problems facing the human species today. One can take their pick. Famine, war, heating of the polar ice caps… BBDO/Singapore is rightly concerned about the six million landmines in Cambodia, hidden devils that take down elephant and man at an alarming rate. Share

Dude, Your Pause Button’s Stuck

Marina del Rey’s Ignited Minds have introduced a new public service announcement for Fox and the Kaiser Family Foundation. click to view The spot contends that the chaos of modern life, wherein teens have to make tough decisions, might be better managed by the mere act of pausing to consider. “It only takes a minute […]