Branding By The Book

Written by retired Publix vice president of human resources Joe Carvin, A Piece of the Pie takes readers on a journey through customers’ experiences at Publix. It also highlights associates’ experiences in making shopping a pleasure for customers. “A Piece of the Pie” is now available for $9.95 in all Publix stores.

Product Placement Becomes Theatre

Ad Age reports that as part of a product placement deal in Broadway’s Sweet Charity, playwright Neil Simon approved a script change to promote Gran Centenario tequila.

Madison Road Strikes Back

Adweek reports that entertainment marketing firm Madison Road, which was sued last week by Mark Burnett Productions for allegedly misrepresenting its relationship with Burnett to clients, has countersued Burnett for $40 million for defamation and trade libel. The suit, filed in Superior Court in Santa Monica, Calif., charges that after Burnett’s success with placements in […]

Um…You’re Fired

from New York Post: Reality TV kingpin, Mark Burnett, claims a Hollywood product placement firm lied to him and the makers of Crest toothpaste, Levi’s and Mars candy bars to get their products onto “The Apprentice”

The Punk Rock Of Product Placement

Former Talking Heads star David Byrne has a new book, available to people who stay in hotels and motels across America – for free. His tome, The New Sins, has been distributed to cheap roadside hotels, where it will be placed in bedside drawers next to Gideon’s Bible. Byrne admits he was surprised how easy […]

Because It Takes A Free Hand To Dial

Thanks to Jack Cheng for pointing us to this innovative product placement idea from Pizza Hut and Sony, where gamers can simply type “/pizza” and seamlessly send for a hot pie. I don’t know much about gamers and gaming, but I do know it’s an obsessive habit. Therefore, building an order mechanism into the game […]

Heinz Says Naked Chef Full Of Beans

from A war of words has broken out between Jamie Oliver and the makers of Heinz baked beans. The celebrity chef caused a stir when he charged

Proper Merchandising Is The Ultimate In Product Placement

from The Telegraph: Enter Karl McKeever, one of Britain’s leading visual merchandising consultants. His job is to advise stores on how they can maximise sales by fiddling with the shelves, tweaking the lights and chucking out the clutter. Over the past decade, he has worked with Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s and dozens of other big […]

Is Nothing Sacred?

Thanks to TBWA Portugal for pointing us to this print ad for Bic’s permanent marker, fashioned by TBWA Paris.

Deutsch Gets Serious About Product Placement

from Adweek: Interpublic Group’s Deutsch has established Media Bridge Entertainment, a product placement company that the agency said would be able to measure results for clients. The new company, based at Deutsch in New York, uses a proprietary tool called Results Oriented Integration that measures and pays only for a product’s onscreen exposure. The agency’s […]