Denver agency Karsh\Hagan, part of TBWA Worldwide, has helped insert McDonald’s coffee drinks into local news programming on Fox affiliate, KVVU in Las Vegas, according to The New York Times. McDonald’s products also appear on morning news shows on WFLD in Chicago; on KCPQ in Seattle; and on Univision 41 in New York City. With […]

More Transparent Product Placement?

Looks like the government wants to get involved in TV’s last best hope: Possibly coming to televisions across the nation: stronger warnings that the Cokes, Oreos and Sidekicks flaunted by actors have bought their way onto your favorite show. That’s what the Federal Communications Commission signaled yesterday when it said it would review new rules […]

“Mad Men” Drink But Not To Get Drunk

According to Ad Age, DirectTV will be the sole sponsor of the season’s final episode of Mad Men. The article explores the sponsorship model, while also touching on product placement in the show. With its unflinching look beneath the veneer of 1960s politesse, it’s easy to see why brands such as Jack Daniels’ parent Brown-Forman, […]

Can A Singer Like Fergie Sell Out Before She Sells Songs?

From The New York Post: If everyone has a price, Fergie’s is $4 million. The 32-year-old Black Eyed Peas singer is the first global star to consent to product placement in her songs – agreeing to include the provocative clothing line Candie’s in her lyrics. Is this just a 21st century way of jingle writing? […]

Rosenthal Says Actors, Writers and The Audience Are “Exploited” By Product Integration

Phil Rosenthal, creator and executive producer of Everybody Loves Raymond testified before Congress on behalf of the Writers’ Guild and Screen Actors Guild. He denounced product integration and did so quite elegantly (even though this issue is primarily a battle for compensation, and not about big bad brands forcing themselves on entertainment elites). [via New […]

A Star Shredder

According to the Boston Globe, Staples’ $69.99 MailMate junk-mail shredder has been cast in a supporting role in the Nov. 16 episode of the NBC sitcom “The Office,” a centerpiece of the network’s Thursday night lineup. “The Office” cameo is no mere product placement, said Staples vice president Todd Peters; the Staples MailMate, which is […]

Breaking News: Ads Are Everywhere

Well, it’s not news to us, but it is in today’s USA Today: Companies are under more pressure than ever to deliver rosy quarterly results, and top marketing executives have less time than ever to prove their mettle. The average tenure of a chief marketing officer at a major U.S. company has declined to 23.2 […]

Ricky Bobby’s White Bread

If this Ad Age report is correct, supermarkets across the land can expect a run on bologna, mustard, peanut butter and jelly. When Interstate Bakeries Corp. agreed to a product-placement deal with Sony Pictures to have its Wonder Bread brand incorporated into a Will Ferrell movie, it did so with a handshake and a prayer. […]

Monopoly Cashes Out

Visa, in a move that some may find disturbing, has a product placement deal with Hasbro. The classic board game, Monopoly, will no longer use paper money. The currency of old is being replaced by faux Visa cards and readers/calculators. While this story seems like a perfect Onion piece, I found it on Engaget. Therefore, […]

What Carrie Bradshaw Did For Manolo Blahnik…

The New York Times is running a story about product placement on steroids. In the first episode of “Lovespring International,” a new comedy on the Lifetime channel about a dysfunctional dating service in Southern California, the owner of the agency storms into an office, furious at two employees. “Do you know how many people have […]