You Might Have A Beef With “Pink Slime” But Its Makers Have A Beef With That Name

If you want a good lesson in the power of words, branding, and crisis PR, consider the case of a product its maker calls “lean, finely textured beef” and others call “pink slime.” The campaign to rid supermarkets, schools, and restaurants of “pink slime” is having an effect on its maker, according to the Huffington […]

Fighting Words: Foamposite One Galaxy

Creating over-the-top-demand for a product (or service) is a what brand managers dream about. But in real life, it’s a perfect storm that only a few will ever experience. Apple knows this storm, and so does Nike. I use the word storm not lightly. Last week, people began rioting outside shopping malls in Florida and […]

One of Adland’s Stranger Marriages

Strawberry Frog has Leaped to What’s Next, namely the acquisition of the firm by APCO Worldwide, a stakeholder-engagement firm (whatever that means). The strawberry frogs will no doubt want to know what it’s like to work at APCO Worldwide. No worries, the stakeholder-engagement firm (whatever that means) has made a video to answer that. According […]

KFC Tries To Be Finger Lickin’ Good Again

KFC is out to win hearts and minds with its latest family-based public relations campaign. The fast feeder gave one military family an emotional and unexpected reunion this week. The 17-year-old twin daughters of Capt. Cherissa Jackson arrived at a Baltimore-area restaurant to help KFC employees assemble gift packages, but the gift turned out to […]

FedEx Man Takes His Job And Shoves It

FedEx charges a good deal of money to move precious packages around the world in very few hours. It’s a high wire act, and the holidays add considerable pressure on the company’s staff to perform. Sadly, not every staffer is able to perform up to the company’s standards, a fact that will be made increasingly […]

It’s Important for Brands to Listen To Customers And Their Own Conscience

TLC’s new show “All-American Muslim” is a nightmare for Lowe’s, and an example to other brands of what not to do. The California-based home repair retailer was advertising during the reality-based program, until some racist wing nuts in Florida started making noise, which frightened Lowe’s into withdrawing its ads from the show. While it is […]

End The Negligence – Send MBAs Into Action With Proper PR Training

There’s an interesting discussion about the need for mainstream press taking place in the comments on Vinny Warren’s post about the Chicago Tribune’s lack of a clue when it comes to reporting on the city’s advertising business. “I have a hard time believing in the old model where we lean on the press to reach […]

PR Is __________

What is PR? Here’s the industry’s own definition: “Public relations helps an organization and its publics adapt mutually to each other.” Say what? PR is a channel companies use to gain media recognition, and by extension public awareness. My definition is easier to understand than a sentence with “adapt mutually to each other” in it, […]