No Vendor

Gracenet founder, Sylvia Paull, knows how to say no to a client. Sign up for lessons here: I like to help make strategy, not be told what I’m supposed to do as part of someone else’s strategy, especially when people don’t know what they are doing and think they do. I’ve had many startup guys […]

Citibankers Up A Creek

Boing Boing is running a customer service horror story about Citibank. Citibank customer Jake Appelbaum tried to withdraw cash with his ATM card on Saturday night in Toronto. The ATM machine rejected the transaction and urged Applebaum to contact his financial institution. When he did, he discoverd his problems were part of a much larger […]

Journalists Write For “The Customer” First

Jefferson George writing to Jim Romenesko: I was a newspaper reporter for six years before taking my first (and only) PR job, which I had for four years. Despite a comfortable salary and impressive VP title, I left PR about six months ago and returned to newspapers — Knight Ridder, no less — at arguably […]

Will Paid Word-of-Mouth Do The Trick?

From Ad Age: Troubled by the worsening reputation of drug companies that is ranked just above tobacco and oil manufacturers, pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline is out to win over a skeptical public — by turning its entire sales force into a PR machine. In an unprecedented mission, the $35.4 billion pharmaceutical giant has quietly anointed its […]

Aim Carefully

Guy Kawasaki’s post “How To Suck Up To A Blogger” offers some good advise to PR flacks. Blogging has flipped traditional PR on its head. It used to be that ink begat buzz. Life was simple then: you sucked up to the Wall Street Journal, one of its reporters wrote about your product, and the […]

Hitting Up The A-List Does Not A PR Strategy Make

From Phil Gomes: A whole bunch of people are talking about this article from a magazine I don’t read. Reminds me of something that started early in my career. Something I called “Wall Street Journal Syndrome.” Even as a junior employee, it astounded me how a PR team could pole-vault over every expectation and every […]

In The Conversational Marketplace PR Gains Momentum

The Economist: “News is what someone wants to suppress. Everything else is advertising,” said Reuven Frank, a former head of NBC news. So what sort of business is public relations (PR), which spends half its time huffing about bad news; and the rest puffing politicians, companies and celebrities? The answer is that, for business, PR […]

How To Throw A Strike

B.L. Ochman has some suggestions for pr flaks who want her to pay attention to their story. What’s Next’s Pitching Rules for Flaks Publicists, please paste these to your refrigerator or filing cabinet 1. don’t pretend you’re not a publicist 2. don’t lie 3. if you forget rule 2, refer to rule 1 4. provide […]