Truth Takes A Beating

Academics and public relations practitioners gathered in London this week to debate a moral issue–whether or not people in PR are duty bound to tell the truth. According to Martin Moore, PR-man Max Clifford delivered “a low-key, frank and absorbingly anecdotal performance” at University of Westminster Tuesday night. His thesis: In PR, the truth is […]

You Can’t Spin The Weather

ExxonMobil spent approximately $16 million between 1998 and 2005 on 43 organizations that have cast doubt on the reality of human-caused global warming. Funding ranged from $30,000 for the group Africa Fighting Malaria to $1.6 million to the American Enterprise Institute, a pro-business think tank in Washington. Deborah Zabarenko, Environment Correspondent for Reuters, sees a […]

Chief Transparency Officer

Richard Edelman is the president and CEO of the world’s largest independent public relations firm with 1800 employees in 40 offices worldwide. He graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy in 1972, has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Harvard College and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. In other words, he’s a smart guy. Given his […]

Edelman And Microsoft Take It Back

Yesterday, we drew your attention to Microsoft’s ploy to influence the bloatosphere with fancy Ferrari laptops running Vista. According to one recipient, Marshall Kirkpatrick, Microsoft’s PR flacks want the machines back or to be given away. Here’s the email Marshall received from Aaron at Edelman: Marshall, No good deed goes unpunished, right? You may have […]

Dangling Ferraris

Long Zheng writes about the fancy new machine he and many other bloggers received from Edelman, the blogger-friendly PR giant working with Microsoft to help launch Windows Vista. Microsoft gave out some timely Christmas presents to a bunch of bloggers this year. Brandon LeBlanc got one, Scott Beale got one, Barb Bowman got one, Mauricio […]

Geeky New Yorkers Prefer Media Establishment

Lockhart Steele, Gawker Media’s Managing Editor, is posting on ValleyWag. In one post on Nicholas Butterworth, Steele addresses the cultural differences between Silicon Alley and Silicon Valley. Internet industry life in New York City is different than in the Valley. People here don’t listen to podcasts not produced by NPR, and they don’t read Scoble. […]

Simmons Says, Ice Is Nice

The New York Times looks at Hip Hop mogul Russell Simmons’ involvement with the diamond trade–an industry now under scrutiny thanks to a critical Hollywood film. “Blood Diamond,” directed by Harvard graduate Edward Zwick, depicts the violence surrounding the diamond trade in Sierra Leone in the 1990s. Simmons entered the diamond trade in 2003 with […]

Caught In The PR Crossfire

There’s a bloatospheric storm brewing over Wal-Mart’s “fake” blog, Wal-Marting Across America. John at Biz Hack calls it a “flog,” otherwise known as a stealth PR blog. Bottom line, it lacks transparency—the very thing Wal-Mart’s PR agency likes to trumpet. And it’s not just Edelman on the line, here. Editor & Publisher reports on the […]