Stealing Someone’s Zebra Is Just Wrong

If you have information about Merlot, Pederberg Winery’s missing zebra please contact proper authorities. I hate to see harm come to such a beautiful creature. [via Cherryflava]

Big Three Building Their Bridge With Digital Support Beams

According to The Wall Street Journal: Ford went into crisis-communications mode around the middle of last week, assembling a digital push to differentiate itself from GM and Chrysler, anchored by a Web site, To save money, Ford is also reaching out to consumers directly through blogs and other social media. The company has enlisted […]

Wayward Journalist Builds Storm Shelter, Invites Colleagues

MSNBC kicked Dan Abrams to the curb this fall. Now the lawyer, color commentator, show host and former MSNBC General Manager, is organizing a new PR firm that he plans to staff with journalists. According to The Wall Street Journal, Abrams Research will help business executives navigate public-relations challenges — from major acquisitions to bothersome […]

From Sweet Talker To Sweet Maker

Some marcom execs invent brands as intrapreneurs, others simply hang up their agency cleats and start fresh. Brian Pelletier, 41, a public relations executive at Fleishman-Hillard in St. Louis, is one of the latter. According to St. Louis Beacon, Pelletier left his PR job and is now the sole proprietor of Kakao Chocolate. He dons […]

David & Goliath, The Remake

Pitching massive corporations on a new idea can be a treacherous road. They can ignore the pitch, steal the idea or worse. It’s the stuff of legend and at time, material for a Hollywood movie. According to Ad Age, this week Universal Studios releases “Flash of Genius,” a film that paints Ford Motor Co. as […]

Your PR Spin Quote Of The Day

From an Indoor Tanning Association press release regarding Sarah Palin’s installation of a tanning bed in the Alaska Governor’s Mansion: “Kudos to Governor Palin for standing up to dermatologists and other members of the sun scare industry who are trying to frighten Americans away from UV light.” – Dan Humiston, President of the Indoor Tanning […]

PR Battle About PR

Coming off a nice vacation, Richard Edelman busts on Jason Calacanis and defends his chosen profession in one blogged swoop. I am heartily sick of the ad hominem attacks and cheap shots taken by those who would try to draw attention to themselves. For a guy who states that “your ability to hire people, get […]

Stop Oil Speculation Now

Stop Oil Speculation Now is a PR campaign backed by the airlines. It’s designed to create sympathy for their plight (and deflect blame) as they attempt to cope with sky hugh fuel costs. According to Ad Age, the campaign is working. Nearly 1 million messages were sent by airline customers to Congress in the first […]