Gary Johnson Speaks Out Against Intolerance, So To Speak

There’s no VO in this spot from Presidential Candidate and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, but it speaks volumes about how the Republican nomination is shaping up. Share

Attractive, Wholesome And Daffy: Bachmann Looks Like A Winner

I was clicking through the channels of nothing on last night, when I paused for a moment on MSNBC’s Ed Show. Host of the show, Ed Schultz, predicted that Minnesota Congresswoman and Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann would win Iowa, which is a big step, like New Hampshire, toward the nomination. Her web site says, […]

Hope Isn’t Hiring Dot Com

The Republican National Committee is using the domain name and the following video to help makes its point about the economy. In related news, Adweek reports that “digital is still just a sideshow; even in 2012, candidates of all kinds will spend what amounts to pennies on digital ads, at least compared to the […]

Huntsman Has Seven Kids, But A Bike For One

GOP Presidential Candidate Jon Huntsman’s second mysterious video: 4 Days from Jon Huntsman Jr. on Vimeo. This is a bizarre teaser campaign. But I’m still intrigued. Maybe he’s setting the stage for the final video: An Evel Kneivel-style jump over 14 trillion one dollar bills. You know, a victory over the debt. We’ll see. Previously […]

Jon Huntsman Was Born To Be…Something

I have no idea what Republican candidate for President Jon Huntsman has up his sleeve. But I’m intrigued. This video was released today. Will we see another spot, tomorrow? And each day until he announces? Share

Mitt Bumps Up The Production Values

Clocking in at 1:41, this spot for Mitt Romney is designed more for the web and the cable news pundits then it is for broadcast TV, but the production values are good and the message is a rather simple one. We’re going to see much more like this in the next 17 months. With video […]

Objections, Objectives, and Objectivists

These days, we seem to be living in a world of black and white. There are no shades of gray. Particularly in politics. So I found this video particularly powerful, as it addresses the religious beliefs of Objectivist Ayn Rand, who has a rather devoted following among many conservatives: It’s a case of selective editing, […]

Republican Chair of the House Budget Committee Proposes “The Path To Prosperity”

According to Fox News, Washington is buzzing about Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan’s take-no-prisoners approach to budget cuts — manifested in his budget proposal that would slash federal spending by $6.2 trillion over 10 years and overhaul health programs for the elderly and poor. But it’s not just the 7th-term Congressman’s penchant for number crunching that’s […]

Another Costly Battle For Hearts And Minds

Wisconsin’s budget battle has sparked a burgeoning ad war, with roughly $1.9 million spent on broadcast TV as of Monday, according to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The article points out the the numbers are actually significantly higher than $2 million because ads on cable channels are not factored above and the pace of media placements since […]

The Voice Of Reason Is Conspicuously Absent Today…And The Nations Suffers

According to OpenSecrets, Sarah Palin posted the ad below to her Facebook page last year. The graphic shows 20 Democrat-held districts in gun sights — the political targets of her high-caliber political action committee, SarahPAC. One of these targets–Representative Gabrielle Giffords–is now fighting for her life after being gunned down yesterday in Tucson. Six are […]