Seldom Is The Question Asked: Is Our Washington Learning?

I just saw this spot on CNN. It certainly is attention-getting: The website is sponsored by something called the Public Notice Research & Education Fund (PNREF), though it’s unclear who the source of their funding is. The president of Public Notice appears to be a former spokesperson for the Bush administration and/or a Deputy […]

Context Matters. Yes, Even In Presidential Politics.

The following Romney ad misappropriates President Obama’s words. “If we keep talking about the economy, we’re going to lose,” says Obama. The problem is Obama was mocking a McCain strategist when he repeated those words, but that context is lost here. Romney unveiled the 60-second spot Monday night on Fox News, and the commercial is […]

Everyone Can Use Public Speaking Help. Even Wanna-Be Presidents.

From Follis Advertising in New York City comes this straight-off-the-news concept for Toastmasters International, the network of local public speaking clubs. It doesn’t matter who you are — public speaking skills can get you far in life. Ironically, Herman Cain’s a good public speaker. Most of the time.

DNC Attacks Romney Where It Hurts

The Democratic National Committee is already lined up against Mitt Romney, even though the former management consultant does not have the Republican nomination in his pocket, or anywhere else on his person. Of course, Romney was born in Detroit and raised in Bloomfield Hills, an affluent Detroit suburb. His dad, George Romney, was President of […]

Jon Huntsman’s Daughters Are Smoking Hot. Maybe That’ll Get Votes.

The Republican Presidential primary contest is getting odder by the day. Earlier this week, there was this strange video made featuring Mark Block, Herman Cain’s campaign manager, in which the cigarette at the end steals the show: Now, the daughters of former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman have provided their response: I think we’re still 2 […]

For Political Attack Ads, Anonymous Cash Is Flowing And Sparks Are Flying

You might think TV or radio advertising is dead, but the cash is flowing to those media from political operatives. Only we don’t know who’s behind the messaging. What we do know is that anonymous groups are using cash to target politicians, even if it’s early in the election cycle. Bloomberg Businessweek has more: .Spending […]

Mitt Romney And Jon Huntsman Provide The LDS Church An Opportunity To Educate

Mormon prophet Joseph Smith was hunted down by a mob and shot to death while imprisoned in an Illinois jail cell. Because he was a heretic. Today, a less murderous drama continues to play out in communities around the world, and now with two Mormons running for President of The United States, the media is […]

Romney Blasts The President On YouTube

Mitt Romney is rolling out the ads for online audiences. According to Mashable, the following attack ads are not running on TV in Iowa, New Hampshire or South Carolina, or on any other airwaves. Instead, the ads are “airing” exclusively inside these series of ‘tubes. I’m interested in hearing your opinions of these ads. Please […]