Spirit Airlines Captures Some Of Herman Cain’s Spirit


Playing off the Republican Presidential candidate’s plan to reform the current tax code*, we get a new nine dollar sale from ultra low-cost carrier, Spirit Airlines. Capitalizing on recent events and catchphrases is nothing new for Spirit. *9-9-9 refers to Cain’s proposed 9% tax on corporate profits; a personal flat tax of 9%; and a […]

Don’t Miss With Rick Perry Or He’ll Call You Obamney

Ouch. This new ad for the Texas Governor’s Presidential Campaign takes a straight punch at Mitt Romney. I’ve always believed that, at some level, negative ads work in politics. Because they stick, and they get relentlessly played on cable news. I wonder if this one will stick. It’s only gonna get nastier from here.

Actually, Someone Does Need To Apologize For America

Rick Perry’s people have gone to school on past elections. In fact, we can almost hear them repeating a Clintonism from 1992 here: “It’s the economy, stupid.” This trailer-like commercial portends a feature presentation. But it’s a movie we’ve all seen before — a dark fantasy perpetuated by those who would do anything to gain […]

Twitter Helps Users Connect With Candidates, While It Connects With Candidates’ War Chests

Twitter _ Search - mitt romney

Starting today, Twitter is selling ads to candidates and political action committees who will be able to have their tweets appear as Promoted Tweets, designated by a purple check mark. According to USA Today, GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is advertising on Twitter, as well as the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) and three others. […]

Herman Cain’s Bizarro Faux Western Movie Ad

From the opening horse sequence, I was hoping for a spoof of “Blazing Saddles,” but this ad for GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain is just bizarre. We get a Western sequence, then the Nick Searcy, the main actor, breaks character and talks to the camera to make an endorsement of Cain. It’s a long way […]

Dairyland Goes Negative In A Big Way

Unless you’re a big follower of politics, and you don’t live in Wisconsin, you’ve probably missed the recent elections designed to recall several state legislature members. In a pretty bold statement, Craig Gilbert of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel calls the recall campaign “as negative as it gets.” Why was this campaign so “negative?” [Political advertising scholar […]

Citizens for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow Is The Real Deal

Stephen Colbert is a culture jammer. By day he lampoons conservative talk show hosts by pretending to be one, by night he runs a Super PAC, spending real, not funny, money in the Republican race for U.S. President. According to The New York Times, Colbert applied for status as a Super PAC with the Federal […]

We The People Do Not Well Know Our History, But Rachel Maddow Does

Rachel Maddow is the American history teacher that so many Americans never had. Which is too bad, because broad knowledge of American history is absolutely critical to the nation’s future. At any rate, Maddow carries the torch for MSNBC in these national infrastructure ads, which are almost a form of public service advertising. On last […]

Political Ads Go Interactive


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: If you really want to follow the money in advertising, you have to do it with political advertising and issue advocacy advertising. Headed into 2012, we’re going to be flooded with it. And it’s getting more sophisticated. SocialVibe, based in California, is rolling out PoliticalVibe, which […]

Let’s See Newt Gingrich Get Women To Strip For Him The Way Vladimir Putin Can

It’s a new twist in Presidential ads. Using a little T&A might just help Vladimir Putin win re-election in Russia: So what’s the story? Wired has the details: In the video, a young lady named Diana sings Vlad’s praises, saying “I’m crazy about a person who changed the life of our country. He’s a capable […]