Meet The Human Billboard/Social Spokesman

For a small fee, Jason Sadler, 26, of Jacksonville, Florida will wear your company’s t-shirt for a day and talk up your product or service in the social space. According to Reuters, Sadler’s offering is catching on. “I walk around, take photos, wear the shirt all day … I Iblog about those photos, I put […]

You Want ROI? Tap The Fast Growing Disdain For All Things Big.

Worthington National Bank in Fort Worth gained $10 million in new deposits after running billboards urging consumers to “Just Say No to Bailout Banks.” [via The New York Times]

Enough Caffeine Will Light You Up

McDonald’s does do a lot of interesting outdoor executions. Here’s a lamp post from downtown Vancouver, courtesy of agency Cossette Post. Hat tip to Direct Daily.

Microsoft’s Response: Go To Hell Google

Google Apps–a more economical option than Microsoft Office–is turning to an interesting out-of-home execution to promote its suite of products to business owners and IT managers. The company has bought billboards in four key locations: the 101 in San Francisco, the West Side Hwy in New York, the Ike in Chicago, and Mass Pike in […]

Intel Outside

The New York Times reports that media buyers are jumping on abandoned retail storefronts and refashioning them into elaborate outdoor adverts. Ads for Intel that went up on Monday capitalized on the bankruptcies of stores like the Disney Store, Domain Home and Comp-USA. The retail vacancy rate rose to 11.2 percent in the first quarter, […]

Spotlight On NW Creative: Ace Hotel

The Ace Hotel in downtown Portland could have said something typical here, but they didn’t. Which makes me think staying in one of their four properties must also be a unique experience.

Turn Left For The Right Wine

I’m not a fan of outdoor advertising (because of its intrusive posture on the landscape), but every once in a while I see something that I like. Like this: This particular site is quite familiar to me, as Andy at Portland’s Blackbird Wine Shop parks his classic vehicle that doubles as a directional sign on […]

Dueling Billboards

BMW billboard from Juggernaut Advertising on Vimeo. Juggernaut Advertising, an independent advertising agency headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, has initiated a tactical outdoor marketing campaign on behalf of BMW of Santa Monica. The campaign is in response to Audi’s current billboards challenging BMW with the headline “Your move, BMW.” This is a smart way for […]

Don’t Be Hosed By Your Carrier

Boost Mobile’s campaign promoting their unlimited monthly calling plan, which boasts “no hidden fees” is benefiting from the Showcase feature of JCDecaux’s Chicago bus shelters. Boost’s tagline is “Unwronged.”

Give Me An “A”

Steve Hall is quoted in this Los Angeles Times article on floating logos, a new form of airborne advertising from Snowmasters, an Alabama-based special effects company. Speaking of the sky as canvas, Hall says, “It’s unmarked, it’s unblemished. Mostly, when you look up you see birds.” Snowmasters has released flogos in the shape of golden […]