Finally A Good Use For Outdoor

We Make Money Not Art points to this AP Photo from Muzaffarabad, Pakistan, where advertising billboards are repurposed to serve as rain covers on the tents of earthquake refugees.

Work America Style

“Working sucks” seems to be a popular theme finding its way into several current ad campaigns, says Adpulp user, Tim Wassler (who kindly sent us this image). These two billboards are currently running on a building side in the financial district of downtown San Francisco.

Broadband Puts You On Fast Track Or So Bell Says

Giant Muffin Crushes Car

Thanks to Seth Godin for seeding this image of a unique outdoor board from Bloom, a Food Lion concept store aimed at providing a “simple, uncomplicated and hassle-free shopping experience.”

McD’s Not Lovin’ This Media Placement

Steve Hall at Adrants brings us this awesome out-of-home juxtaposition.

Score One For Sarcasm

Bumper sticker courtesy of Idea Mill

96 In The Shade

Weblogs, Inc.’s Design Blog brings us this board from New Zealand

Information Overload

An ad can never say it all. Of course, clients often want to break this cardinal rule, because they have so many important (to them only) things to say. Thanks to Flickr user, Fachtopia for the image.

X-treme Athletes Pose As Saints

I’m not sure what devotional candles have to do with the X-Games, but the candles do make for some interesting out of home executions. Thanks to Flickr user, cybele-la for the image.

Wanna Be Brides Of The Beehive State

Dooce posted this outdoor board to her Flickr page. At first, I figured Utah Brides must be some kind of mail order service like they have in Russia. It’s not. What it is, is Behive State ingenuity.