Conservative Governor Ignores Pleas From Outoor Advertising Lobby

From The State: South Carolina Governor, Mark Sanford, vetoed a bill meant to prevent local governments from removing billboards that don’t comply with city or county laws. In a letter to House Speaker Bobby Harrell, R-Charleston, Sanford said he vetoed the bill because it favors the outdoor advertising industry over other types of businesses and […]

Corona Opts For Vanity Placement

NYT: Corona Extra, the best-selling imported beer in America, is buying big twin signs on 1600 Broadway, the new 27-story building at 48th Street owned by Sherwood Equities. The signs, which are scheduled to go up on Monday, each measure about 92 feet high by 35 feet wide and show open bottles of Corona with […]

The Freedom To Offend

Chicago Defender: A billboard along the Dan Ryan Expressway touting radio shock jock Howard Stern’s move to satellite radio next month has raised the ire of St. Sabina’s leader, the Rev. Michael Pfleger. The billboard, located on 86th and Lafayette, features a Black fist with the headline: “Let Freedom Ring and Let it be Rung […]

Who Needs A Catchy Tagline When You Have A Compelling Value Proposition?

Mark Babej likes Off Soho Suites’ approach to attracting customers. What really caught my eye was the idea of putting the hotel’s positioning right on the awning. Mystique: null, and some word-smithing might be in order, too. But while other hotels (even of the budget persuasion) try to outdo each other with cliché promises of […]

Like A Pedometer But For Billboards

NYT: Nielsen Media Research is rolling out an ambitious, expensive effort to provide data to help measure the effectiveness of outdoor advertising. The data is collected by an Npod, a device resembling a cellphone, weighs 1.4 ounces and is equipped with a global positioning system. The Nielsen Outdoor unit of Nielsen Media Research had 850 […]

Trader Talk

We tend to think of outdoor as a mass media tool, but that’s not always the case. With specific location buys, outdoor can be highly niched and speak only to Ivy-educated, squash playing, Town Car riding, number running adrenaline junkies. [via The Spunker]

Municipal Property The New Blank Canvas

USA Today reports that cash-strapped cities across the nation are looking for ways to boost revenue. Their answers increasingly include selling ad space on municpal property. Government Acquisitions LLC of Charlotte, NC wants to help police departments defray the cost of new vehicles, by arranging for national and local advertisers to buy media on said […]

Another Reason To Take The Stairs

Lewis Lazare: A vocal contingent of consumers who believe advertising is too omnipresent won’t be pleased to hear it’s also about to materialize on the outside doors of elevators at two area shopping malls. The new elevator door ads for a Zippo multipurpose lighter were created by Blattner Brunner in Pittsburgh, and are believed to […]

Lamar Builds Better Boards Lamar Advertising Co. sustained $14 million in hurricane damage to its billboards in Louisiana and Mississippi, according to the company. But the company’s chief financial officer said new designs will cut future storm repair costs. CFO Keith Istre said the storms would allow the company “to replace existing inventory with wind-resistant structures that are […]

Wong Doody Breaks All The Rules

I have not heard much about Seattle’s Wong Doody, of late. That could be my own fault, or it may have something to do with WD not putting time or energy into press releases (those dinosaur speaking docs have little future). Either way, I was pleased to hear from Mario Schulzke at WD’s LA office. […]