Ring Me When You’re Seriously Interested

Marchex - A Call Advertising and Small Business Marketing Company

Direct marketers, take a bow. According to BusinessWeek, when digital ads lead to a phone call, conversions soar. Call advertising has been available for several years but has gotten a boost as smartphone sales take off. Less than a year ago, Google reported it was connecting millions of phone calls via click-to-call each month (where […]

Mobile Advertising Needs To Get Moving

Writing in The Huffington Post, Sal Candela, Director of Mobile for PHD Media, asks why the mobile ad space is so underutilized: Mobile is different. Mobile can ask a consumer to do something — touch it, tap it, say something, watch something. But most importantly it can react based upon that person’s response. For example, […]

Pretty Good for a Dirt Face

Comedic vixen Kristen Schaal is at it again for Sony Ericsson in this new set of spot from MWorks in Atlanta.

Brief Buddy – An iOS app for cracking the creative brief.

Brief Buddy

The folks behind Brief Buddy kindly provided me a promo copy of their iOS app (which runs on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch). First off, this app will not help you write the creative brief. But as a tool for creative professionals gives you a handy platform for referencing the 20 most common tactics to get to the […]

Frank, Frank, Get My Jean Bin

“When it’s on your mind, it’s on eBay.” That’s the new play from Venables Bell & Partners. It has the makings of a classic line, even though I can’t help but think that world peace, saving the whales and landing a new client are not, in fact, on eBay. The San Francisco agency unleashed six […]

Deeper Realms of Relevance: Supposedly, There’s An App for That


MTV Networks recently released the results of Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em: Adoption, Abandonment, and the App-Addled Consumer, a study conducted in partnership with Latitude, a provider of “creative research and unexpected knowledge for leaders in content, technology and learning.” Some of the key findings in the study include: Apps Create Me Moments Apps Make […]

Snap And Send For More Infomation From Toyota (And Many Others)


Yesterday, I said QR codes have yet to catch on in a big way, while writing about The Oregonian’s use of digital watermark technology. Earlier today, I posted about MasterCard using QR codes in a localized social promotion. Now here we are again, faced with yet another branded solution for mobile users who seek more […]

MasterCard Launches A Localized Scavenger Hunt And Experiential Social Promotion


MasterCard is treating New Yorkers to one-of-a-kind experiences care of its new Priceless Cities campaign, which is being rolled out now in New York City. The program is meant to drive preference and affection for the MasterCard brand among cardholders by offering them an opportunity to enjoy the things they are most passionate about, whether […]

Spotlight On NW Creative: Digimarc Partners With The Oregonian

Do you use your mobile phone to uncover hidden or extra content? That’s what QR codes are all about but QR codes have yet to catch on in a big way. Regardless, The Oregonian is betting that Digimarc Corporation’s digital watermark technology will enhance their printed paper by offering smart phone users special content they […]

Brands Don’t “Get” Mobile, And Techies Don’t “Get” Brands


Rei Inamoto, Chief Creative Officer at AKQA argues in Contagious that brands do not “get” mobile. Brands are in the business of connecting with consumers. If there is one medium that’s perfectly suited for connecting with people, there is nothing better than mobile. It’s intimate, immediate and inimitable. Yet, in the marketing and advertising world, […]