Download Vine, Make A Movie and Share It


Vine is Twitter’s new video App, where users capture short bits of video to share with their friends. Naturally, brand marketers are jumping all over this as widespread adoption among smart phone users is rapidly on the rise. According to Techcrunch, Vine is presently the #1 free App in the iTunes store. Here is a […]

It’s Mobile Thursday, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday

Recession? What recession? As retailers and brands attempt to milk every penny they can out of customers, some folks are trying to get people shopping on Thanksgiving Day — even going so far as to name it “Mobile Thursday.” has more: To reach its conclusions, Digitas and Harris Interactive conducted an online survey earlier […]

Marketers And Developers Both Benefit From Cross-Pollination Efforts

Increasingly ad agencies are incubating high tech startups under their hood. It’s a way to stay close to the action, and to see first-hand how products and companies are born. It’s also a new business strategy, as the companies being born could become clients someday. The agency might also help fund and advise the company. […]

As We Ask Our Phones To Do More, Their Poor Little Processors Struggle To Keep Up


Is Intel inside your mobile handset? The tech giant wants to be inside your phone, and wants you to be aware of its mobile processing power. According to Reuters, “Intel Inside,” a branding campaign launched in 1991, turned commodity electronic components into premium products. This year, the Intel Inside logo has appeared on the backs […]

Frontrunners Stumble, Meanwhile Twitter Picks Up The Mobile Advertising Pace

P.F. Chang_s (PFChangs) on Twitter

Facebook’s lack of a game plan in mobile is hurting their stock price. Google too stuggles to get an advertising foothold in the explosive mobile space. But there is one company with mobile users who don’t mind clicking on ads. Twitter has only been offering mobile ads in earnest since April, but already the San […]

Guest Post: What Non-Developers Need To Know About HTML5

Athletic Sport Sunglasses & Technology | Nike Vision

This article is by Dian Crawford, a partner at Tilt Agency in Portland, Oregon. She and her husband also own and operate Urban Grind, a coffee shop in Portland’s Pearl District (and a favorite spot for many of the city’s tech workers). I’m not a developer. I’ve written some lines of code in my past, […]

When “The Numbers” No Longer Mean Anything…


It’s the ad business. We throw projections around like confetti at a wedding. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a little optimism. But there is something wrong with the numbers. Jean-Louis Gassée, a general partner at Allegis Capital in Palo Alto, writing for The Guardian, argues that the $20bn “opportunity” in mobile advertising is “a […]

Utility, Not Advertising, Is Where Mobile Shines

In my experience with an iPad and iPhone, it’s the brands that provide some utility that make the most of the mobile space — not the brands that use mobile for advertising. A new article in the Wall Street Journal crunches the numbers and takes a closer look: Millennial Media runs the world’s third largest […]

Trouble Talking To The Ladies? Pull Out Your Trunk Monkey


R/West in Portland, Oregon created Trunk Monkey more than eight years ago to help its client move metal. The furry little primate has become known as a force to be reckoned with for battling car-jackers, road rage and ninjas, but he recently showed a taste of his softer side in last fall’s Wingman spot. Now […]

Sync, Tweet and Save with American Express


American Express customers want great service. That’s why they’re willing to pay exorbitant fees to their favorite credit card company. American Express, for their part, is grateful. Ergo, they want to pay the digitally adpet back with Twitter-based savings. Personally, I had to watch the spot above a number of times and read the A.P. […]