Trade Ya

This is either a stroke of genius or an act of total desperation. I can’t tell at the moment. Virgin Mobile is willing to trade you free minutes on its wireless network. All one has to do is willingly watch commercials and pay attention while doing so. According to the New York Times: With the […]

No Texting In The Popcorn Line

Text messaging is hot. But will texters willingly text a data collection firm in return for freebies? The New York Times reports that one such company is prepared to find out. Starting in July, Nielsen Entertainment will begin using cellphone text messages to collect data on consumers’ opinions. The initiative will aim first at moviegoers, […]

Turning Text Into Dollars

Is That An Ad In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

From Ad Age: While there are about 200 million cellphone users in the U.S., only around 4 million are video-equipped, and marketers have yet to strike out and do for mobile what BMW Films did for the online in 2001. Nevertheless, a survey by Airwide Solutions, a mobile software company, suggests that there’s a huge […]

Dialing For Dollars

Darren Barefoot picked up on this new way to move money around. Text Pay Me allows users to send and receive payments via text messaging. No more verbal IOUs! – Split your restaurant bills right then and there! – Pay your team or club dues anywhere and anytime – Pitch in real money instead of […]

Cingular Making Faces

According to Cellular News, Cingular Wireless has managed to get is applying for a patent on the concept of using emoticon on mobile phones. While the aim of the patent is to enable the displaying of MSN style graphics on handsets, they also want managed to patent the delivery of text based emoticon – so […]

Micro Browsing The Crunchy Nugs

The hippies are gettin’ it done with mobile data. Andy at Gadiel: Just go to your cellphone’s web browser and type into the location bar: The M is for Mmmmm… works too It will take you to a quick form which asks for your Zip Code and then prints out an easy to […]

Fit Your Content Onto The Tiny Screen Or Else

Scobleizer wants content his way. And what Scoble wants, Scoble gets. Right? Now that I have a sooppeerr dddoooppppeeeerr new cell phone (the Cingular 2125, it’s freaking awesome) I am looking at a lot of Web sites and RSS feeds. One thing I wish is that Web site developers/designers would look at their site on […]

Breaking Creative: Cingular’s iTunes-Enabled Motorola Phone

Apple/Cingular/Motorola just announced the new iTunes enabled phone and Cingular has their TV spots posted. Available Here And as a side note to any Apple/Cingular/Motorola folks who may be regular readers, David and I would be open to an ad space trade-out for a couple o’phones 🙂


Ad Age: The iPod is the latest media outlet Kraft Foods is using to lure people to buy its products. Late last month the package goods behemoth began offering consumers the chance to download 100 of its summer recipe “hits” into the little-used Notes area of Apple’s mobile digital music players. Promoted via its own […]