Text Buzz: Wireless To Wired

According to Seattle Times, Starbucks fields thousands of calls each year from customers phoning from the road to find the nearest Starbucks store. Customers with cellphones and mobile devices can now save themselves the call. Mobile users can send a text message with the area’s zip code to MYSBUX (697289), and a list of nearby […]

Screen Size Matters

The National Association of Television Program Executives, a.k.a. NATPE is conducting its annual conference this week. Naturally, AdAge sent a reporter. Here’s a slice of what he heard: The only thing holding up the explosion of the mobile phone content and advertising business continues to be the lack of interested viewers, panelists bemoaned at the […]

Compose On A SideKick?

Marshall Sponder writing on Smart Mobs looks forward to the day when he can create content on the fly. I’m not alone in thinking the Ultra Mobile Computers will become the dominant device (and maybe have a phone built into it too) in a year or two. It’s one thing to be able to read […]

It’s The Network (For Ads)

Thanks to this latest development from Verizon, cell phone users on their network are now primed to be distracted not just by calls, text, games and the mobile web, but by banner advertising. The New York Times has the story. Beginning early next year, Verizon Wireless will allow placement of banner advertisements on news, weather, […]

Cingular Space

Cingular Wireless, the nation’s largest cellphone provider, has made a deal with MySpace.com that will allow MySpace users to access their profiles through Cingular phones. Under the agreement, cellphone users will be able to go to their MySpace.com page to edit it, post photos and get messages. For example, a MySpace.com user could take a […]

Do You Buy iTunes For Your iPod?

I actually prefer to buy CDs and load them into my iPod instead of buying them on the iTunes Music Store. I may not be the only one who’s doing that. Here’s an interesting story from The New York Times that takes a look at the numbers of iPods sold vs. the number of songs […]

Dialing Up Indie Film

ABC News reports that Sundance will push its indie films to the gloabl mobile platform, beginning early next year. Robert Redford plans on bringing indie films to the very small screen — specifically cell phones all over the world. In a new experiment starting in February 2007, the Sundance Institute will release five short films […]

Dude, Your Phone Rocks So Hard

Reuters points out that music for mobiles is turning into a masive business that device makers like Nokia are cashing in on. Consumers are increasingly snapping up mobile phones with built-in music players, and sales far outstrip shipments of dedicated MP3 music players. “The change in consumers’ habits has started. The best evidence is our […]

It’s Grind Time In Chicago

A leader in the promotion and delivery of urban/hip-hop digital music content, Chicago-based XtraMedium is launching a new text service called ‘Street Tags’ on its Aspire Music Network. Street Tags text messages are sent out to individuals who want to learn more about and stay-in-touch with artists, producers, and businesses such as theaters, restaurants and […]

Hold On, I Need A New Razr

According to USA Today, a robotic arm inside a glorified vending machine will gently “hand” consumers high end communications devices at ariports and Macy’s stores. The vending machine-like stores unveiled Wednesday will carry about 30 products, initially including 12 phones and 18 accessories, said Bob Many, Motorola’s director of automated retailing. Phone customers will be […]