Amp’d Customers So Not

According to Mashable, Los Angeles-based mobile service provider Amp’d will shut down at 12:01am Tuesday. Existing customers will be able to port their phone numbers to a new service, but Amp’d won’t help them do this, and their will be no customer service after Monday. Amp’d assets will be sold in an auction. The company […]

Mobile Reporting Devices Put To The Test

According to Stuart Elliott, mobile marketing is at a nascent stage in the United States, as evidenced by spending last year of just $150 million. But that figure is expected to grow to almost $1.3 billion by 2009, as more advertisers change their media choices to reflect the fast-moving shifts in consumer behavior. “The 15-to-24-year-old […]

Sprite Blazes Mobile Trail

News that Coca-Cola Co. is launching a new mobile social network called “Sprite Yard” is all over the intertubes. Information Week, Online Media Daily, RCR Wireless News and Adweek are all running with it. According to RCR Wireless News: Coca-Cola Co. is moving aggressively onto the mobile marketing playground with a kind of mobile MySpace […]

Push To Purchase

CNET looks at the desire people have to purchase things with their thumbs. Ads for the new CD by singer Tim McGraw carry a texting code, as do magazine writeups for the new Harry Potter novel coming this summer. Some concert halls are selling tickets by text message, and some charities are taking donations […]

Mobile Really Is Your Space

Edelman DERT, the new blog from Edelman’s Digital Entertainment, Rights and Technology Team speculates that social networking sites have an immense opportunity in the mobile realm. The nature of social networking is in many ways ‘information snacking’ or dropping in to the site for a few seconds to see what friends are up to. Nielsen/Netratings […]

Phone Finders

Yahoo is making headlines this morning, as the portal seeks to reach beyond the desktop and “own” a sizeable piece of mobile search. According to Info World: The company is offering to help publishers retool their content so it can be accessed through Yahoo oneSearch, Yahoo’s mobile search service for consumers. It is also launching […]

Text Buzz: Wireless To Wired

According to Seattle Times, Starbucks fields thousands of calls each year from customers phoning from the road to find the nearest Starbucks store. Customers with cellphones and mobile devices can now save themselves the call. Mobile users can send a text message with the area’s zip code to MYSBUX (697289), and a list of nearby […]

Screen Size Matters

The National Association of Television Program Executives, a.k.a. NATPE is conducting its annual conference this week. Naturally, AdAge sent a reporter. Here’s a slice of what he heard: The only thing holding up the explosion of the mobile phone content and advertising business continues to be the lack of interested viewers, panelists bemoaned at the […]

Compose On A SideKick?

Marshall Sponder writing on Smart Mobs looks forward to the day when he can create content on the fly. I’m not alone in thinking the Ultra Mobile Computers will become the dominant device (and maybe have a phone built into it too) in a year or two. It’s one thing to be able to read […]

It’s The Network (For Ads)

Thanks to this latest development from Verizon, cell phone users on their network are now primed to be distracted not just by calls, text, games and the mobile web, but by banner advertising. The New York Times has the story. Beginning early next year, Verizon Wireless will allow placement of banner advertisements on news, weather, […]