Apple Attacks Unlocked iPhones

Image courtesy of Flickr user, chealion Bummer, dude. Apple is fighting those who would dare to hack their precious iPhone. The New York Times’ Bits Blog puts it this way: There is something futile about the way Apple appears to be fighting some of its most ardent fans. A VC says: Reports that Apple is […]

I Learned A New Acronym. Happy Day.

Here’s an idea…let’s have our own branded cellphone service? You know, private label. That kind of thing. It’ll be hot. The Wall Street Journal reports that it is, in fact, not hot. A year after shuttering its ESPN cellphone company, Walt Disney Co. said it is closing its Disney cellphone service. Another mobile virtual network […]

Can You Hear Me Now? Not If You’re Pro-Choice

Businesses have the right to choose who they do business with to a certain extent, but this is a little creepy. From The New York Times: Saying it had the right to block “controversial or unsavory” text messages, Verizon Wireless has rejected a request from Naral Pro-Choice America, the abortion rights group, to make Verizon’s […]

Getting Creative With Mobile Content

The Japanese are reading novels on their mobile phones. Lots of novels. One of the country’s leading mobile publishers, Maho i-Land, has six million members and over one million titles to choose from. According to industrywide data cited by Japan’s largest cellphone operator NTT DoCoMo Inc., sales from mobile-book and comic-book services are expected to […]

Smart Phone From Finland Capable Of Finding American Customers

Nokia, the world’s largest mobile-phone marketer, awarded its global network account to JWT last week. JWT will support local efforts in more than 80 markets worldwide. One market that desperately needs support is the U.S., where Nokia lags behind the competition. According to Business 2.0, Nokia may not be a minority player for much longer. […]

IPG Invests In Mobile

An ansible is a hypothetical machine, capable of superluminal communication, and used as a plot device in science fiction literature. It’s also the name of a new mobile marketing firm owned by Interpublic Group of Cos. According to Ad Age, Ansible is a joint venture with Velti, a mobile-technology company. Larry Harris, formerly exec VP-director […]

Please Direct Me To A Parking Spot

Mobile Mammoth points to an interesting new mobile media play that can help drivers in densely packed American cities find a place to park. The service is called Best Parking and it currently features a database of parking garages (and prices) in NYC, Boston and Philly. See the company’s slimmed down mobile site here.

The Airwaves Will Be Free Again…This Message Brought to You By the Good People at Google

The Washington Post took a look at this Wall Street Journal (paid sub. req.) piece on Google’s move into cellular communications and decided to write its own article on the development. Google has developed a prototype cell phone that could reach markets within a year, and plans to offer consumers free subscriptions by bundling advertisements […]


According to The New York Times, eMusic is working with AT&T to deliver music from indie bands on the network’s mobile platform. Tracks will cost more than they do over the Internet — $7.49 for five songs, as opposed to $9.99 for 30 at the online site — because of the expense of sending them […]

AAMOF Mobile Is Personal

Allen Adamson, managing director of the New York office of branding consultancy Landor Associates, put together an outline for brands looking to go mobile with their messages. And what brand isn’t? Among other things, he says mobile “is very personal.” Unlike TVs and PCs, which may be shared with other family members, a cellphone is […]