We’re All Thumbs

I don’t doubt these figures on mobile usage from C|NET and Neilsen, but I do find them somewhat stunning. For the second quarter of 2008, U.S. mobile subscribers sent and received on average 357 text messages per month, compared with making and receiving 204 phone calls a month, according to Nielsen. In the first quarter […]

Best Media Buy

Pandora is cashing in on the popularity of its iPhone application. Since it’s introduction last summer, Pandora has been the 3rd most popular download on the iPhone. Now Best Buy and Beck’s beer are purchasing exclusive rights to advertise on the new mobile platform: Best Buy for the next thirty days, and Beck’s for the […]

Beach Reading for Brainiacs

Renny is getting his Ling on. “The continual need to be social, to greet, to interact, to converse and to carry out parting rituals obviates the need for the totemically-based rituals. We are, in effect [through mobile communications] continually recharging the symbolic value of our social links” (p.66) Amazon link: New Tech, New Ties

Better Mobile Data Needed To Secure More Mobile Ad Dollars

Marketing via cellphones is forecast to be one of the next hot trends, but many advertisers are still hesitant to empty their pockets on mobile-ad campaigns. One reason: There isn’t yet a reliable source of data that show what Web sites and features consumers are accessing on their mobile devices. Measurement firms such as Nielsen […]

Talk Value

Eighty percent of the world’s population has access to a mobile communications network, but only half the people have a mobile phone. That kind of opportunity–literally billions of potential customers–has big business on the move. Everyone from product designers to marketers to academics are working to advance the cause of global connectivity. The fact of […]

Your Mobile Is A Barcode Reader

American mobile marketing firms are looking to Asia and Europe for inspiration. They may have found it in QR codes, as mobile ticketing, payment, ID verification and other location-based uses are being invented for this technology. But are the funny looking barcodes catching on in this country? The New York Times says no, not yet. […]

Going Mobile

According to two articles on the front page of AdAge.com, there are signs that mobile ad technology is finally catching up to its amazing promise. The primary example they’re working from: Last month, mobile social network Loopt announced one of the first major location-based marketing experiments, with CBS. The plan aims to use the mobile […]

Push Button Cantonese for Rugby Fans

Hong Kong Sevens is a major rugby tournament coming up at the end of this month. The event is expected to draw 20,000 foreign visitors to Hong Kong. Guinness wants make sure these visitors find their way to a local pub, so they’ve developed a mobile application, “Passport to Greatness,” to facilitate this action. The […]

Intro to QR Codes

Random Culture bothers to explain QR Codes and I, for one, am thankful. QR codes are being used extensively in mobile marketing campaigns overseas, and are starting to make a breakthrough in the US. Quite simply, a QR code is a “matrix” bar code that was developed in Japan. The QR stands for “quick response”, […]

Opt-In Mobile Marketing Gets Through

Revol Perks, an opt-in mobile ad service from the regional cell provider, is returning some very nice click through rates. According to the program’s technology provider, Mobile Posse, click throughs rank from 16.5% to nearly 22%, depending on category. Airline Travel as a category ranks highest, with 21.91%. Mobile Posse provides content that is “personal, […]