Do Not Pass Go

Shawn points to this Associated Press story, about a SPAMer getting sentenced to nine years in prison. A man convicted in the nation’s first felony prosecution for illegal spamming was sentenced to nine years in prison Friday, but the judge postponed the sentence while the case is appealed. Loudoun County Circuit Judge Thomas Horne said […]

Playlist Sharing Opens New Window

from San Francisco Chronicle: The old adage used to be “you are what you eat.” But with the advent of digital music and the popularity of gadgets like the iPod, now it’s “you are what’s on your playlist.” Last week, musicologists and media pundits around the world had a great time trying to divine what […]

Coldplay Calling

Technology Review reports that Cingular Wireless launched its new ringtone service this week with the exclusive release of “Speed of Sound”, the first Coldplay single from its upcoming album XY, the response from fans was immediate. “We’ve been floored,” says Mark Nagel, director for entertainment and downloadable services for Cingular. Fans can plunk down $2.49 […]


“Ad skipping and on demand viewing could cost the TV industry $27 billion in lost ad revenue over the next five years, according to new research released today by Accenture.” Looks like bad news on the horizon for the networks. I purchased a DVR unit less than 6 months ago and found it surprising just […]

BMW’s “Brand Story” Finds Another New Medium

from Ad Age: BMW of North America, which scored a major publicity coup with its groundbreaking online film series The Hire, has turned the story line’s Driver character into a branded entertainment comic book series. The idea was that if Hollywood has been able to harness the appeal of comic books to lure moviegoers into […]

Online’s Piece Of The Pie Is Feeding More And More People

from San Francisco Chronicle: Five years after the dot-com bubble burst, Internet advertising is finally delivering on its promise. A passel of industry and analyst reports tell of a very strong 2004 and an even better 2005 for online ad spending. It’s still a tiny portion of the entire advertising-dollar pie, estimated to be $12.3 […]

GM Leaves Skidmarks At The Los Angeles Times

Advertising has always subsidized the media, but it’s clearly a love-hate relationship. And now, this story suggests that GM has pulled its advertising in the Los Angeles Times, in an objection to “factual errors and misrepresentations” in the Times’ coverage of GM. I haven’t looked into this particular matter, but I suppose a free press […]

The Future of The 30-Second Spot

The New York Times weighs in today with this lengthy article–which made it to the front page of the Business section in the always-thick Sunday edition. Share

The Mist-Takes Are Blowing Up

New York Times advertising critic, Stuart Elliot, today explores the staying power and charm of ensemble casts in advertising. Last month, BBDO New York introduced a campaign for Sierra Mist lemon-lime soda, sold by the Pepsi-Cola North America division of PepsiCo, that is centered on an ensemble cast called “The Mist-Takes.” There are five comedians, […]

Rance, You Ignorant Slut

Ad Age this week features an interesting point-counterpoint between Rance Crain and Scott Donaton over whether the ad industry needs to refocus on its tradtional media roots or embrace new forms of advertising. Both columns are accessible from the Ad Age home page. Share