Socialist Realism Gets Another Go

Maryland commuters are being subjected to what one person has deemed, “authoritarian post-modernism,” on their daily train ride. Thanks to Articulatory Loop for the post. Share

Naomi Klein Is Going To Be Pissed

Adrants points to this Toronto Star article on McGraw-Hill’s efforts to place ads inside college text books. Thankfully, the random ad man asked to comment blasted the idea. “Textbooks are one of the last bastions,” said Randy Stein, a partner at Grip Media Ltd., a Toronto ad agency. “There are some things that should remain […]

Social Networks On Slippery Slope

Molly Wood, a CNET editor, has published a piece claiming social networking doesn’t work. I’ve gotten a lot of invitations to Friendster over the years, which, to be honest, I ignored. I always just assumed I didn’t have time for that tomfoolery. Plus, I already had a boyfriend, and I already had friends. I know […]

Newspaper Men Meet Craig

Here’s another entry in the dinosaur chronicles. According to the New York Times, many newspaper execs are totally clueless about where their classified revenue is going. Surprisingly, the momentum of this online alternative with virtually free offerings had not drawn much attention as recently as last fall, when Creative Intelligence, a consulting firm based in […]

Get ‘Em Ernie

Ernie Schenck is not impressed by Carl’s Jr., nor GoDaddy. Pointing to their “sex sells” approaches, Ernie says the tactics are, “a weak-minded crutch that lame clients like Carl’s Jr and GoDaddy and a thousand others invariably fall back on in a sad attempt to get noticed.” He goes even further in his comments section. […]

Squeezing Nickels Pinching Pennies

from New York Times: Clients, facing relentless competition and consolidation in categories like automobiles, fast food and telecommunications, are anxiously squeezing every nickel of waste from their ad budgets. “In the 80’s, we used to fight with clients over creative. In the 90’s, it was about strategy. Now, it’s only about money,” said Jonathan Bond, […]

Times Says Fast Company Is Done

from New York Times: When the Meredith Corporation announced its purchase of Gruner & Jahr’s women’s magazines last Tuesday, Meredith said that Gruner’s business magazines, Fast Company and Inc., were not “material” to the sale. What that means is that two magazines that sold for more than half a billion dollars four years ago now […]

Dude, Where Are My Coupons?

from Newsday: A year after revelations of dumped papers led to lawsuits and federal investigations, dozens of bundles of a free Newsday advertising circular were found in an abandoned lot in Islip this past weekend. Stacks of the Newsday Food Extra, a package of features, advertising circulars and coupons delivered free to non-subscribers, were visible […]

The Fix Is In

Mark Wnek, writing yesterday in The Independent had this to say: The number of people in or around the ad business spouting about the future “beyond advertising” etc etc is climbing up to the thousands. In most cases these people are either commentators with no fiscal attachment to the accuracy of their predictions; people from […]

Morgan Stanley Is A Great Company. (Now Will They Buy Ads On AdPulp?)

According to this article on Ad Age, brokerage firm Morgan Stanley has issued a directive to immediately pull all advertising from any publication that prints negative stories about the company. The complicity between advertisers and the press is nothing new, but making overt demands like this isn’t going to make the MSM (mainstream media) any […]