In Pursuit Of Chinese Market Share American Technology Firms Battle Their Conscience And Each Other

Christian Science Monitor: The role of the US Internet firm Yahoo in helping Chinese security officials to finger a journalist sentenced to 10 years for e-mailing “state secrets” is filtering into mainland China. The revelation reinforces a conviction among many Chinese “netizens” that there is no place security forces can’t find them. Yet if netizen […]

Taking On Googlezon

The New York Times: Three authors filed suit against Google yesterday contending that the company’s program to create searchable digital copies of the contents of several university libraries constituted “massive copyright infringement.” The lawsuit, filed in United States District Court in Manhattan, is the first to arise from the Google Print Library program, the fledgling […]

Unilever Weans Itself From The Tube

The Independent: Unilever disclosed yesterday that its global expenditure on traditional television advertisements had dropped by one-fifth over the past three years and was set to plummet further. Alan Rutherford, the vice-president of global media at Unilever, one of the world’s largest advertisers, said the value of television advertising was dropping in the face of […]

Not The Same Old News

The New York Times: The biggest problem in the newspaper industry is capturing readers between 18 and 34 years old, and now The Associated Press is looking to tackle that problem head on. On Monday, the 157-year-old wire service is to start its “younger audience service,” offering articles and “experiences” in multimedia formats, with audio, […]

Change My Oil Dave

USA Today: In its quest to make cars more like futuristic computer Hal 9000, OnStar, General Motors’ in-car telecommunications system, now will give owners e-mail updates from their vehicles reporting problems or reminding about maintenance needs, officials said Tuesday. The service will tell car owners how long they have until they need to change the […]

Sites’ New Site

The New York Times: Lloyd Braun, the former chairman of ABC’s entertainment group who now oversees Yahoo’s expanded media group in Santa Monica, has hired Kevin Sites, a veteran television correspondent, to produce a multimedia Web site that will report on wars around the world. The Web site, called “Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone” […]

CUNY Adds Blogger To J-School Staff

A-list blogger, Jeff Jarvis of Buzzmachine fame, has been named director of the new-media program and associate professor of journalism at City University of New York, according to The New York Times. Mr. Jarvis said that the media could achieve greater transparency by using blogs, podcasts and online video. “I want students to explore the […]

The Rise Of Glocalization

Danah Boyd asked herself, “What is Web2.0 and why does it matter?” It seems that’s the type of thing Ph.D. candidates at Cal Berkeley’s School of Information Management and Systems do in their spare time. Web2.0 is about glocalization, it is about making global information available to local social contexts and giving people the flexibility […]

Google Goes Offline

New York Times: Google, which built a lucrative business in online advertising, has found a new medium for its ad sales: print. The company is buying ad space in magazines and filling it with half a dozen ads from clients of its vast online system. The first incarnation of Google’s program resembles an old-fashioned business […]

Katrina And The Waves

OK…I just love how bizarre news coverage of storms can get. Yesterday, someone in the French Quarter dropped the F-bomb on Shepard Smith, live on FOX. See it here. Shep: “Why are you still here?” Man: “None of your f–kin’ business.” Shep: “Well, that was a good answer, wasn’t it?…I’m watching two dogs drink out […]