When People Ask Why You’re Majoring In Anthropology, You Can Tell Them You’re Working To Improve Market Intelligence

Author, Scott Berkun, spoke to anthropologist, Grant McCracken, for the Harvard Business Review. Here’s a small bit of what McCracken offered: Anthropologists specialize in the study of culture, and culture matters in marketing because it supplies the infrastructure for thought and feeling in America. How consumers see the product, the service, or the pitch, these […]

Threading The Needle On Customer Empowerment

Threadless is on the cover of Inc. Jake Nickell and Jeffrey Kalmikoff, two north side of Chicago graphic designers figured out how to create community and a thriving business in the same move. Academics, venture capitalists and the entrepreneurs who read Inc. are paying attention. Threadless is at the vanguard of a new innovation model […]

Added Value

Joseph Lelyveld, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, and former executive editor of The New York Times from 1994 to 2001, speaking to India’s Sunday Express reveals a truth about “the customer is always right” mentality. I’ve always mistrusted that phrase “the reader wants”, because how do we know exactly what the reader wants? I think […]

Microsoft Might Have To Grow Its Own

Microsoft badly wants a piece of the online services and advertising action, estimated to be worth $80 billion a year by 2010. But not bad enough to pay $35 a share for Yahoo. Microsoft’s bid to acquire Yahoo ended yesterday at 4:00 p.m. in a letter from Steve Balmer to Jerry Yang. “I still believe, […]

Arnold’s Non-Metaphorical Media Lab

What’s Arnold’s Chief Creative Officer, Pete Favat, up to? Last year the agency hired cognitive scientist Dr. Lisa Haverty to run an intuition analytics department. Now, the agency has announced a research and development lab tasked with creating new media channels. “I think…I’m creating jobs I want to live vicariously though,” Favat told Creativity. “I […]

Rockafellas Take A Stand

I have not purchased gas from Exxon since the Valdez oil spill. Yes, I’m a grudge holder. According to the The Wall Street Journal, forces inside the oil giant are working to move the tanker in the right direction (not than anything Exxon does will ever win me back). A majority of 300 adult members […]

Nice Concept: Sustainable Innovation

Research in Motion founder Mike Lazaridis spoke to BusinesWeek about innovation, management theory and other hot topics of the business day. Here’s a small part of what he has to say: If you really want to build something sustainable and innovative you have to invest in R&D. If you build the right culture and invest […]

Less Is More

Media entrepreneur, Om Malik, had a heart attack three months ago. Since then, he’s quit smoking, consumed less meat and started an exercise routine. He’s also retooling how he works. Simplification Through Elimination I was reading a review of the Macbook Air over on Macworld when I realized that the machine and post-recovery me have […]

Trade Mag Pushes Into Comedy

Simon Dumenco of Ad Age made me laugh this morning. Now that Web 2.0 seems, with each passing day, to be less and less magical — what with softening click rates and the rising realization that it’s going to be insanely difficult to effectively monetize social networking — “Don’t be evil” sounds increasingly hilarious. If […]

For Many Corporations, Transparency Is Still A Joke

Charles Handy, an Irish author specialising in organisational behaviour and management, used the stage NPR’s Marketplace provided him to call for reform. The tall towers that house our corporations are the new palaces of our day, the places where real power resides, but those towers are full of paradoxes. Made of glass, you can’t see […]