Managing Your Way Out Of The Wet Paper Bag

Dave Gray of Communication Nation has some excellent advise for transitioning from a worker who does to a worker who directs. In advertising, going from senior art director or senior copywriter to creative director is one such switch. Do any of these things sound familiar? 1) You do work that your employees should be doing […]

On Purple Cows

Andreas Duess, a Toronto-based creative director knocks Seth Godin’s Purple Cow thesis. In a nutshell, Godin says stop worrying about how to market inferior products and services and put everything into making remarkable products or services, or Purple Cows, to use the author’s vernacular. Does being remarkable guarantee success? We all know that it doesn’t. […]

Customer Evangelists Cover Your Eyes

David Wolfe says enough with all this customer centric rhetoric already. It has become fashionable to single out customers as the most important stakeholder. Customer centricity is a flawed concept. It pays patronizing homage to one category of stakeholders at the potential expense of other stakeholders. There is nothing neither noble nor pragmatic about being […]

Emotion Kicks Information’s Ass

Medical News Today: Consumers who are very skeptical about the truth of advertising claims are more responsive to emotionally appealing ads than ones peppered with information, according to a new study. The finding comes from work by researchers at the University of Washington, Seattle University, and Washington State University who examined consumers’ responses to advertising, […]

VC Wins Merit Badge For Honesty

Johnnie Moore and Adrian Trenholm point to Bessemer Venture Partners anti-portfolio. In other words, their miscalculations, which in this case cost them hundreds of millions (or more). It’s hard to imagine someone in advertising being this real. Can you imagine an ad agency showcasing their anti-portfolio? “Hey, look at all the truly stupid ads we’ve […]

Now Hiring: Entrepreneurial Idea Movers

Ad Age executive editor, Jonah Bloom, recently had breakfast with former Ogilvy President Rick Boyko. I voiced my anti-ad-school prejudices, a slightly risky proposition given that Boyko now runs such an institution, the VCU Adcenter. My slightly nervous salvo went something like:

VCs Handing Out Cash Again

Kevin Maney, USA Today’s technology writer, claims now is the time to launch a web-based business. “A savvy entrepreneur can get to proof-of-concept with a consumer Internet idea on less than $500,000 of capital,” says Dave Whorton, a venture capitalist at TPG Ventures. “Five years ago, it required 15 times more capital and three times […]

Caught In The Spokes Of The Sell In

Rich…! at Hello World waxes poetic on an issue close to all our ad world hearts. People are like dogs, they need to mark their territory, sadly for anyone who ever has to present creative/strategic ideas, in the land of men, outright acceptance is not seen as a sufficient marking tactic. Right or wrong, people […]

Redmond Not Immune From Culture War

There’s a bit of a tempest brewing over at Scoble’s blog. It seems The Scobleizer is upset that his employer, Microsoft, is not backing a controversial state house bill on anti-discrimination. Apparently, there’s a conservative pastor in the middle of the brouhaha, and that is what has Scoble’s ire up. He addresses Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s […]

Just Say No To “Gloomy Pits Of Dickensian Misery”

from USA Today: Garment factories in Cambodia, one of the world’s poorest nations, aren’t gloomy pits of Dickensian misery. Instead, Cambodia is seeking to become the rare Third World country to develop economically while treating workers reasonably well. Under a global trade regime that expired Jan. 1, quotas limited the amount retailers could buy from […]