Make Customer Satisfaction Your Religion

David Pogue has some rules for electronics makers who want some consumer love this holiday season (and beyond). Worship at the altar of good design and make customer satisfaction your religion. These should be your commandments. I. Thou shalt not entomb thy product in indestructible plastic. II. Thou shalt hire native English speakers to translate […]

Where Worker Bees Make Honey

The Work Environment Index (WEI), rates working environments in all 50 states and Washington, D.C., in terms of average pay, employment opportunities, employee benefits, percentage of low-income workers, fair treatment between genders and ability for employees to unionize. It is the first index to evaluate worker climate as opposed to business climate on a state-by-state […]

Typing Is Not Writing

Orange Yeti asks some tough, and oh so pertinent, questions. Why do clients love to pretend they can write? Time and time again we stress the importance of good copy. And almost always we get an, “I can handle that,” or a “No problem!” There is a problem though. Most people have poor writing skills. […]

‘Gonia Gets It

Butler Shine shows its respect for Patagonia’s “Let My People Go Surfing” management style. Patagonia needs to be a case study for all future business leaders, because not only does it make environmental responsibility front and center, it has also built a culture that empowers the individual. It motivates them through the passion of the […]

Real Leaders Listen

Management Issues: The battle to break through the glass ceiling into the boardroom leaves many women negative, worn down and disillusioned that they are not being used to their full potential. The study of 6,000 managers by consultancy ISR found a quarter of women in senior jobs did not feel adequately involved in decision making. […]

Luxury Brands Rub Indian Ruler Wrong Way

Web India 123: Irked by Cartier watches and Gucci glasses, Congress president Sonia Gandhi has asked party colleagues not to flash their wealth and not to waste tax payers’ money. The stern warning went out from her office recently after she noticed that some party leaders who called on her were sporting expensive luxurious items […]

Smart Guy Speak

Brand strategist, Marc Babej, speaking with Tom Asacker last week: Conventional branding wisdom assumes that “emotional” and “rational” are somehow mutually exclusive, or opposed. That’s a false dichotomy. In reality, the two are very much intertwined. Save for a few image-driven categories, an emotional connection is the result of delivering against a tangible – call […]

“Chief Marketing Officer” Hot Potato Of A Job

The New York Times: According to a study released this week by the executive search firm Spencer Stuart, which surveyed 100 companies, marketing chiefs had an average tenure of 22.9 months – compared with chief executives with an average stay of 53.8 months. Nearly half of the chief marketers surveyed had been on the job […]

Enough With The Branding Already

Fast Company: Branding is the self-help industry of corporate America. Sure, it may be difficult to admit–perhaps even a bit embarrassing–but let’s face it: Both branding and self-help have experienced booming growth over the past decade, seemingly in reaction to rising levels of personal and professional insecurity. Both fields are populated with self-anointed experts. And […]

Run Your Best Elevator Version Up The Flagpole

For years, big brands have shunned unsolicited ideas due to the legal issues associated with their implementation. It seems the times they are a changin’. Two Fortune 100 companies (in beverages and health & beauty respectively) want to meet people with superb ideas in early October to help bring your ideas to life. PSFK has […]