Drive Away From The Storm

USA TODAY: Car-rental giant Hertz has changed its contracts to make customers responsible for damage from acts of nature. It told its best customers last month that they’ll be responsible for auto damage from natural causes such as windstorms, hurricanes and tornadoes. In the past, it was the rental firm’s responsibility. Avis and Budget are […]

Your Country Needs You

I was surprised last night to hear President Bush freely admit that our nation is addicted to oil and that we need to correct that problem in a hurry. He aslo admitted that we’re falling behind in math and science, and that we need to address this problem to remain competitive in the global marketplace. […]

Hollywood’s Re-org

William C. Taylor and Polly LaBarre for The New York Times: Sure, Disney’s deal last week to acquire Pixar is about big money — how Steven P. Jobs turned a fledgling outfit that he had bought for $10 million into a juggernaut valued at $7.4 billion. And, yes, it is about a big strategic shift […]

“The Man” Is Snooping Through Facebook

Daily Bruin: Employers are beginning to use sites such as Facebook to access personal information of candidates for employment, said Kathy Sims, director of the UCLA Career Center. And not all employers are pleased with what they find. Sims said there have been several cases of employers rescinding job offers to student candidates because of […]

No One Is In Control

Dave Pollard has a fascinating essay up about Americans and our sycophantic ways. It’s mostly about how we’re duped by our political leaders, but he ventures into the business realm, as well. First, he quotes best selling author, Peter Block: “Leadership” is a well-developed misconception. The dominant belief is that the task of leadership is […]

Bottom Up Gets A Big Boost

According to Business Week, University of Michigan business professor, C.K. Prahalad, 64, has a knack for being able to change people’s perceptions of the world around them. This skill has made Prahalad an incredibly influential corporate strategist. He has built a lucrative consulting career helping such multinationals as Citibank, Philips, and Philip Morris break out […]

How To Be A Good Marketer In Ten Easy Steps

Drop out of Business School today. Tara Hunt of Horse Pig Cow can save you two years, and free you from your mounting debt. 1. A good marketer is a Community Advocate 2. A good marketer knows today’s brands aren’t built in boardrooms or ad agencies or brainstorming sessions 3. A good marketer plans a […]

Power Pointers Make Cake

I like to bust on MBAs. In general, they lean too heavily on books, and often end up sounding like it when they write and speak. What is worse, MBAs never learn to trust their gut–a key to success in advertising, a semi-rational science, at best. There is a growing rate of programs, like the […]

Entrepreneurs Just Do It

Ryan Carson for Signal vs. Noise: Every successful business has a dirty little secret: They didn’t know if they were going to be successful when they started. They probably did their homework, researched the market and had a bit of experience. But there were no guarantees I just finished a book about Google called The […]

Optimism And Opportunity Connected At The Waist

USA TODAY: The best leaders have certain qualities in common. First, there is an almost uncanny ability to see the big picture and make decisions with limited information. Then there’s that rare combination of caring and charisma that makes others willing to take a bullet for them. But it is increasingly apparent that the quality […]