If You’re Interested In Cigarette Work, Here’s A List Of Agencies That Do It Well…

If you’re a fan of AMC’s Mad Men, you might be wondering if Sterling Cooper Draper & Price will be able to hold it together after the loss of the Lucky Strike account and Don’s public purge of a self-promo ad in The Times. Last week, I thought Sterling was going to jump from a […]

London Fog Finds Perfect Fit With Hendricks

It’s good to see Mad Men star Christina Hendricks in a London Fog. Or just about any other garment, for that matter. Mad Men fans will recall that London Fog was featured on the show last season. Don wanted to wrap the brand’s classic trench around a nude model, you know, to inject some life […]

Principals With Principles

Hall of Fame Copywriter, Ed McCabe, is kindly answering questions about the ad industry, sent to The Times by fans of AMC’s hit show, Mad Men. Question: What product or service are you most happy with being able to help and, conversely, which one are you sorry you helped? I do not mean which campaign […]

The City Of Brotherly Mad Men

Philadelphia isn’t all that far from Madison Avenue, literally and figuratively. And in The Philadelphia Inquirer, there’s a look back at the era of “Mad Men” in the city: Gene Shay, 75, started out as a copywriter for Firestone & Associates while simultaneously spinning records on local radio. One story he tells illustrates that even […]

This Is Strange

Packaged goods advertising needs a kick in the pants. No one’s going to argue otherwise. However, I’m not sure what Unilever and WPP’s Mindshare Entertainment have wrought with this painfully derivative spot for Dove? According to Ad Age, this Mad Men mirror for Dove is just the beginning. Unilever is planning to work six of […]

Jantzen In The Mad Men Spotlight

As of Sunday night, season four of Mad Men season is underway. The first episode of the season is called “Public Relations” and it opens on a scene at a Manhattan restaurant where a wounded Korean War vet now working for Ad Age interviews a stoic Don Draper. Draper plays modest, and credits this feigned […]

Digital Isn’t Madison Avenue’s Undoing, It’s Just The Latest And Most Blatant Challenger

From the perspective of serial entrepreneur Jeff Bussgang, a partner at Flybridge Venture Capital in Boston, traditional advertising as embodied by fictional characters in AMC’s hit show Mad Men are true relics, with little chance at ever again exuding the kind of swagger we see in Don Draper. Writing in BusinessWeek, Bussgang argues: With the […]

Creative Reconciles With Accounts

The last episode of Mad Men, season three, is a big one for Don. He makes right with Roger, Pete and Peggy, but not with his wife or with Conrad Hilton. He also learns to accept some things about himself, professionally and personally. Here’s a key scene: Roger: You don’t value what I do anymore […]

Hilton Throws Don Under Bus, Don Squirms Before He Squeals

In this week’s Mad Men episode, Don underwhelms Connie Hilton when new work for the hotel chain is presented. Hilton asks to speak to Don in private after he’s seen the boards. After everyone files out of the conference room, Don is on the defensive. Don: This is a good campaign. One of the best. […]

Consistently Great Episodes Are The Deepest of Hooks

According to Variety, online chatter about TV shows is forming an all important “viral watercooler” effect coveted by studios and their PR teams. Thanks to the Internet, a show’s shelf-life now extends days after an episode’s premiere for shows that lend themselves to obsessive online discussion and analysis. …nowadays episode recaps for series like “Mad […]