Ad People Don’t Need A Makeover, They Need An Enema

In response to polls that show ad professionals are thought of by many Americans as hucksters, not hipsters, the American Advertising Federation (AAF) and University of Missouri’s Reynolds Journalism Institute are teaming up to launch an Institute for Advertising Ethics. According to Ad Age: The AAF is providing seed money, office space and staffing to […]

Where’s Your Wild, Almost Naive Ambition?

In July 2008, Sarah Lacy wrote the following words of wisdom about the importance of place to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Every center of innovation needs a cocktail of things: -wild, almost naive ambition -money -a culture of risk taking -a social scene where Valley-like serendipitous moments can happen. (You know, stuff like: Oh, hey! I […]

Where’s the Creativity In Wine Advertising?

I spent some time this morning with Wine Spectator and while the magazine offers some interesting editorial like “The Top 100 Most Exciting Wines of 2009,” the ads don’t stand up. It’s just one beauty shot of the bottle after the next. In fact, the strategy is so stale it would be relatively easy to […]