Can The Commercial Also Be The Main Feature?


Since when do adverts get their own teaser and worldwide premier? British Airways’ new 90-second commercial will be featured on the airline’s Facebook page starting at 6am EST tomorrow, and begin airing in the US on TV, in newspapers and online next week. Keith Williams, British Airways’ chief executive, said: “The motto To Fly. To […]

Make Ads Out Of Real Bacteria. Now That’s Viral.

To promote the new movie Contagion, agency Lowe Roche in Toronto created billboards made from real live bacteria. See how they did it: The Montreal Gazette has more: “We wanted to create an organic execution that people could fall in love with,” said Anthony Ganjou, founder of U.K.-based CURB media, an agency specializing in natural […]

Gilbert Gottfried Now AFLACks A Voiceover Gig

Sorry for the headline. I would’ve been a multiple Gold Pencil winner back in the 80’s with chestnuts like that one. But yeah, if you’ve got a cushy voiceover gig for a company that does most of its business in Japan, don’t send insensitive Tweets about the earthquake. From The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: The Columbus, Ga.-based […]

Shoot Free Throws, Reach The Moon


Court Crandall of WongDoody/LA likes to make movies. He has a story credit on Old School (2003) and was the screenwriter on A Lobster Tale (2006). His latest project, Free Throw, takes Crandall and crew into Compton where high school kids with good grades will compete to win college scholarship money. I discussed the project […]

Wear It Like Quorra

Movie-related merchandise is big business. And it’s not all schawg. Now, thanks to “TRON: Legacy”, which opens in theaters on Friday, movie fans can shell out for high-end merchandise like a $2,600 Rotenier necklace and $795 spiked sandals from Rousseau. With the haute-couture flourish, Disney’s marketing machine is reaching beyond the core science-fiction and fantasy […]

Product Integration Almost As Good As Word-of-Mouth

The Toyota Highlander will be starring in a new show from TBS this summer. According to Multichannel News, Turner Entertainment and Toyota are working together to produce upcoming original series Are We There Yet? ACE Media Corp. and Burrell Communications Group put the deal together. Toyota is the exclusive auto sponsor of the series, which […]

In A Tough Spot? Call On Your LG Ally

Iron Man 2 opens in theaters and IMAX today and LG is ready, thanks to a little help from Young & Rubicam/New York.

“Trust Me” Gets It More Right Than Wrong

I had really low expectations of “Trust Me”, so I recorded it and didn’t watch it until last night. Then, when I saw the opening scene, with two scruffy 30-something white guys with Starbucks cups in hand and laptop bags slung around their chests, I figured at least the set designers knew what they were […]

The Right Placement

Here’s what you see this week as you leave the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport and head into the Twin Cities: Minneapolis is the site of the Republican Convention next week.

Like Advertising, But With Less Job Security

That every copywriter has a screenplay in her desk is a tired, old cliché. If you’re one of those copywriters, or would like to be one, consider this insightful Adopt A Writer interview with Nina Bargiel, a Guild member with 17 episodes of Lizzie McGuire to her credit. Q. What do you think would surprise […]