Challenging The Old Interiors With Trendy Remodelling Techniques


A beautiful home gives rise to many auspicious and lovely feelings. Lush green garden outside and nice interiors inside the home makes the person feel like heaven. This heavenly home experience is now in the chance of everyone. It is not a matter to be surprised but, commonly available with the assistance of Unique Builders […]

Check-In Specials from Foursquare: Deal Me In


I’ve been checking in periodically with Gowalla for a year or more, but I recently made the switch to Foursquare. One benefit I see right out of the shoot is Foursquare has an active Deals Dept. According to San Francisco Chronicle, more than 600,000 merchants are using Foursquare to offer deals to people who check […]

Where Are The Candidates On Jobs And Immigration? And Literally Where Are They?

2012 Campaign Trail is working with foursquare to display check-ins from President Obama’s campaign team and the Republican presidential candidates’ campaign teams as they travel across the country on the campaign trail. “NBC News’ partnership with foursquare will allow our audiences to more fully engage with the 2012 campaign,” said Vivian Schiller, Chief Digital Officer at NBC […]

I Check In, Therefore I Am An Asshole


“Please tell me your new big idea has a geolocation feature in it. We need to reach prospects at the point of sale, and now we can!” The monologue above was a staged reaction to you presenting a geolocation-less campaign. Forgive my indulgences… According to a new $499 Forrester report, the percentage of U.S. online […]

Check In For A Free Baseball


Finally, a good reason to check in on Foursquare… On the corner of Broadway and East 4th Street in Manhattan, site of the MLB Fan Cave, a custom-built vending machine dispenses official MLB baseballs when people check in to “THE FRANCHISE on SHOWTIME” via Foursquare. A few lucky participants will receive autographed baseballs from the […]

Losing Signal In All The Noise

Social media, like kudzu, is an invasive species. Daniel Newman is the CEO of United Visual Inc., writing on Ragan’s PR Daily, has conveniently listed “12 obvious signs you’re addicted to social media.” He says the signs are “farcical,” but I beg to differ. 6. You update your status while out with “real people.” Are […]

Gaming And Geolocation Come To Luxury Retail


Neiman Marcus has paired up with mobile gaming startup SCVNGR for a geolocation-based promotion that runs from March 17 through April 10th at all 41 Neiman Marcus locations. The luxury retailer will award prizes to shoppers who complete various challenges with SCVNGR’s iPhone or Android apps. Users will be asked, for instance, to head to […]

Why Just Check In, When You Can Check In And Win?

My friends at BFG Communications in Hilton Head Island (where I once worked) recently won the Buffalo Wild Wings’ social media marketing account. It didn’t take them long to strike. According to today’s New York Times, Buffalo Wild Wings is embarking on a geolocation campaign, called “Home Court Advantage,” in hopes of engaging customers at […]