“The Earth Is Round” Was Once A Difficult Concept

Do your big ideas keep getting shot down? This little video might help you feel better.

Focus Groups Reveal Brutal Truth: Cast A Chimp

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Future Of Hazy Groups Uncertain

Business Week: My research department doesn’t know it, but I’m killing all our focus groups.” So spoke Cammie Dunaway, chief marketing officer at Yahoo! Inc., at a Silicon Valley conference in September. Dunaway doesn’t plan to harm the groups of innocents that marketers have long assembled in beige conference rooms to observe behind two-way mirrors, […]

Buying A Toyota In Michigan A Dangerous Game

Car dealers… How many times have you been driven out of your mind by the lame stumblings of your car dealer? If you’re like most Americans, too many times to count. Lansing State Journal: As a veteran car salesman, Mark Whipple has seen his share of buyer-seller disagreements. But never in his 20 years on […]

Queen Of Pop Checks Herself

The Telegraph: They have been used to sell everything from washing powder to New Labour. But now it seems that even Madonna has woken up to the power of focus groups. The most successful female artist in chart history has chosen songs for her next album after secretly trying them out on nightclubbers. The tunes, […]