Yet Another Facebook Story: Social Currency

HauteLook, which sells luxury clothing for women, men and children, as well as upscale travel packages and home furnishings is now bringing its online “sample sales” to Facebook. “Our members spend one-third of their online time on Facebook. So we know that getting out of the e-mail inbox is going to be crucial for the […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: Social Browsing Greater Than Or Equal To Web Browsing

Mark Kirby, a senior consultant at ReD Associates, writing on a Fast Company blog, points to some interesting studies about time spent on Facebook. Intense Facebook use among certain demographics drives these numbers higher and higher. In a recent study of 21-29 year old females, we saw a surprising number spending as many as five […]

MyFaceSpace Rides Again

At long last, MySpace is looking shiny and new again. Welcome to the new MyspaceMyspace | Myspace Video According to MySpace President Michael Jones the News Corp.-owned site will no longer seek to compete with Facebook, but rather complement it. “Our focus is social entertainment,” he said. “Niche players have long staying power.” By complementing […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: The Difference Between “Fans” And “Likes”

Brian Solis is a PR guy. Naturally, he doesn’t refer to himself as such, becasue “digital analyst, sociologist, and futurist” sounds so much better. Speaking of sounding so much better, Solis does us the favor of distinguishing between today’s Facebook “Like” and the old “Fan” motif that FB used to employ. In Facebook, it’s not […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: Some B2B Marketers Find It Slow Going

According to The Wall Street Journal, B-to-B businesses are having a harder time connecting with their target audience on Facebook than their B-to-C counterparts. Thankfully, the reporter explores the other side of this story, as well. Some B-to-B owners say social networking is actually ideal for their demographic since it can take months for their […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: Zuck Likes Microsoft For Search (Harvard/Stanford Rivalry Plays Out In Real Time)

Microsoft’s 2007 investment in Facebook is paying off. The two companies announced a search partnership yesterday that will incorporate the opinions and preferences of one’s Facebook friends into Bing search results. Watch live streaming video from facebookinnovations at According to Ad Age, the move will help Bing further differentiate itself from Google and extend […]

What We’re Watching: Harvard Geeks On The Big Screen

Darby and I went to see The Social Network this afternoon. It’s a well made film thanks to efforts of screenwriter Aaron Sorkin (“The West Wing”) and director David Fincher (“Fight Club,” “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”). Harvard Law professor Lawrence Lessig, writing in The New Republic, says, “As a film, visually and rhythmically, […]

@ChuckGrassley Just Wants To Keep In Touch

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley likes to use new technologies like Facebook and Twitter “just to keep in touch.” Which means what? That Senators are friends now? Or that these two platforms for keeping in touch with friends are forever lost to the relentless pitchman? [via Gawker]

Jets Bring The Game (And Their Social Strategy) To Facebook

The New York Jets, with help from Arkadium, have entered the social gaming space on Facebook, with the launch of Ultimate Fan. From rooting for their favorite team to predicting game scores to holding a virtual tailgate with fans all over the country, there is a component of the game for everyone, no matter which […]

Denim Is Perfectly Analog

Diesel is busting Facebook and its legions of users’ balls with this wicked smart tongue-in-cheek campaign. Learn more at, where the brand says things like, “We, the stupid ones, prefer the park to the platform.” And, “It’s smart not to join us. Be stupid.”