Red Red Wine

I’ve often thought that the tipping point for Kmart’s descent into retail irrelevance came because of “Rain Man.” When Dustin Hoffman’s character said, “Kmart Sucks!” at the end, the audience in the theater I was in clapped wildly. Merlot, it appears, has suffered the same image breakdown, thanks to “Sideways” when Paul Giamatti exclaims, “I’m […]

Audi Defines Its Space

Ad Age reports on Audi’s latest experiential offering. Aiming to elevate its brand in the U.S., Audi of America held the official grand opening today in New York for its first U.S. Audi Forum, a “brand experience” center that can be rented out for events. Audi Forum in New York, the largest of nine such […]

Brand Impressions Formed At Retail (Few Things Are As Powerful In Business)

The Pacific Northwest is a fertile place. A place where good ideas take root. Today’s New York Times Magazine looks at Umpqua Bank, a regional financial player that has made the wise decison to bank heavily on experiential and lifestyle marketing. With free wi-fi access, Umpqua brand coffee, a spacious seating area and flat-screen television […]

Art Is Part Of The Starbucks Experience

More Than A Feeling

Erin at Out of Character is living proof that the millions of dollars being spent by marketers on scent and sound is worth every penny. I went to Costco today to pick up laundry detergent and…approximately $90 worth of other crap I totally don’t need, and much to my orgasmic delight and/or horror I stumbled […]

“Involve Me And I Will Understand”

If you read the advertising trade press everyday as I do, you grow tired of all the latest and greatest developments. Reading the same story over and over again with only the names changed becomes tedious. The endless buzz (and the terminology invented to support it) falls on deaf ears. Ergo, it was sweet to […]

You Stink So Good

Earlier this week, it was the makers of PLAY-DOH tapping into the power of scent. Today we have the makers of pungent cheese doing the same. From the Telegraph: The makers of Stilton have come up with a unique way of promoting their pungent blue cheese – a Stilton-scented perfume. Eau de Stilton will, apparently, […]

Moosehead Goes Balls Out

From Lewis Lazare: In-bar product sampling, usually done with the help of a cadre of buxom babes, has been one way brewers try to spark renewed interest in certain beer brands. But Moosehead lager, and its ad agency Tom Dick & Harry Advertising, wanted to go a different route in the guerrilla marketing war to […]

Free Candy!

According to Lewis Lazare, Hershey’s Kissables will be handed out to passersby on Michigan Avenue today as they are serenaded by local opera singer Brad Jungwirth, who will perform the engaging jingle from the recently unveiled Kissables TV commercial. See the spot here.

Chillin’ In The Ice Bar

Decent Marketing: We all know how a lot of corporate-themed events and experiences turn out fairly cheesy and silly. So I was a little skeptical when I read about the Absolut Ice Bar in London in the November 28 issue of Fortune magazine. “Since it opened Oct. 1, London’s Absolut Ice Bar has been drawing […]