In A Tough Spot? Call On Your LG Ally

Iron Man 2 opens in theaters and IMAX today and LG is ready, thanks to a little help from Young & Rubicam/New York.

For Commodities To Compete, Real Value Has To Be Found In The Brand And the Experiences It Creates

Consumer packaged goods brands are losing share to less-expensive store brands, a fact that marketing execs working at CPG companies and their partners in agencies around the globe are trying to reckon with. According to eMarketer, and its new report there’s hope for brands in online loyalty programs. In addition to regular e-mail communication, CPG […]

Human Vitality Raises The Bar Considerably

Robin Sloan of Snarkmarket believes in generative events, or events that generate media. The great virtue of events today, in the dawn­ing 2010s, is that their value seems durable in a way that the value of super-abundant copies of dig­i­tal media does not. They pro­vide “embod­i­ment,” to use Kevin Kelly’s taxonomy–and that’s some­thing you can […]

What I Miss By Not Living In the Center of the Media Universe

Tying Up Relationship Marketing’s Loose Ends

Relationship Marketing is a big banner under which several sizable pieces fit together. Email and events, for instance. Which is why it makes sense for email marketing provider, Constant Contact, to add event marketing management to their array of offerings for small business. Event Marketing from Constant Contact is “a professional, affordable tool” to help […]

The Simple Pleasures of Print

Agency: Carmichael Lynch Client: Denver Museum of Nature & Science [via The Denver Egotist]

Scattered Pictures Of The Smiles We Left Behind

Jon Fine of BuinessWeek argues that growth of “below the line” activity means marketers don’t need their media partners like they once did. When it comes to advertising, marketer and media property were once partners. But that relationship, like so much else in this space these days, has gotten quite complicated. Fine also shares a […]

Poor Philly

City Paper in Philadelphia is warning residents of the Delaware Valley that an iceberg is headed straight for their shores. This Friday at 4 p.m., Coors Light promises to “bring refreshment ‘as cold as the Rockies’ to life in a memorable way” by dropping a “30-foot snow mass” into the river off Penn’s Landing. This […]

Spotlight on NW Creative: Sasquatch!

Dos Equis Gets Freaky With It

According to Ad Age, “The Most Interesting Show in the World” is the event marketing leg of the brand’s “Most Interesting Man” contest. Since introducing the campaign two years ago, Dos Equis has seen double digit gains.