“Spending Your Way To Happiness” Is An Outdated Concept – What Are Advertisers To Do?

According to Forbes, the spot above from Brizo is part of a wave of new commercials meant to help marketers and consumers shake off the gloom of tough economic times. While some economists aren’t sure the tough times are history, advertisers don’t seem to care. Companies are rolling out carefree ads that use humor, colorful […]

Matt Mason On Competing With Pirates And Other Matters

Matt Mason, is Strategy Director at Syrup and author of The Pirate’s Dilemma. I like how he says business books are big business cards. That’s sort of how I feel about AdPulp.

It’s A Dark Morning For Fast Food These Days

On my morning commute, if I listen to the radio (and I still do most of the time), I’ll invariably hear a spot for McDonald’s pushing some sort of Egg McMuffin. These days, as the Washington Post reports, even McBreakfast is taking a hit in this economy: “Typically, if you’re unemployed, you’re not getting up […]

Got Blue Chips? Great, Dinner’s On Smith & Wollensky

I’m a big fan of barter and have been turning to this ancient form of exchange more and more over the last year. Taken to its logical conclusion, a person could get by on very little money if his or her basic needs are met through barter. Right now, I’m bartering creative services for office […]

Chrysler Drives Away

Adweek is reporting that BBDO/Detroit and its field offices will close on Jan. 26, 2010, putting 485 people out of work. Given that news, it’s kind of weird to see the following message on Chrysler.com: “Give yourself a promotion.” Ouch. On July 30 Chrysler told the agency that while it wished to continue to work […]

Holding Company Suits Are Confident. People Who Buy Things Are Not.

According to The Washngton Post, consumer confidence fell unexpectedly in early October, “painting a bleak picture for an economy driven by consumer consumption.” The Conference Board’s consumer confidence index slipped to 47.7 in early October from 53.4 in September. The number has to reach 90 before the economy is considered — at least by this […]

Paris Has A New Sun King

Things look better in Paris. Food smells and tastes better. Sex is better. How else to explain the shining ray of optimism from Publicis CEO Maurice Levy who said Tuesday that the market hit bottom last June? “The advertising market has stopped deteriorating during the summer and a slow and gradual recovery is under way,” […]

Dear Mr. Stipe, What’d You Do With All The Shiny Happy People?

When it comes to analyzing the current state of the ad business and the economy, George Parker and Bob Hoffman are not glass half full kind of guys. Not at all. Here’s some of what Hoffman’s saying: It’s embarrassing to be in the ad business these days. Ad agencies don’t know what they believe. In […]