Want Affordable Luxury? Rent It.

Ruth La Ferla of The New York Times knows how to make an impression on the impressionable. During the round of parties preceding the New York Fashion Week, Stephen Knoll, a hair stylist, gave my satchel- size Yves Saint Laurent Muse bag the once-over. “Handsome,” he murmured. Then he focused on my Marni coat, with […]

Bubbles Preceed The Bath

USA Today’s tech guru, Kevin Maney, is soft on Web 2.0. The tech industry is frothing. It is spewing companies and Web doohickeys and blog amalgamizers and Internet contraptions like video social-networking wiki cooking sites. Money is flying into ventures that most people east of Palo Alto, Calif., would find incomprehensible. Web 2.0 is a […]

Make Your Play. The Whole World’s Waiting.

Tired of your ad world occupation? Here are some other ventures to consider. 1. Build cheap Wi-Fi networks for Brazilian resorts. 2. Become a biodiesel producer in Argentina. 3. Create an ad network for India’s mobile content developers. 4. Launch an exclusive social network for Russian millionaires. 5. Open an American-style restaurant in one of […]

Rising Gas Prices Precipitate Executive Delusions

General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner, in a foolish moment, told USA Today $4.00/gallon gas will not lead to fewer auto sales. Despite the speculation about how high prices could run after the cutoff this week of BP’s Alaskan crude, Wagoner says he thinks vehicle sales are unlikely to nose-dive. “We have actually been a little […]

Show ‘Em The Money

USA TODAY: Blogs. 99-cent music downloads. Podcasts. Phoning home via the Internet. Online social networking. It’s the golden age of the Internet. But you wouldn’t know it if you’ve just been watching Internet stocks. Outside of Google and a few other choice names, it’s hard to find an Internet company that gets investors’ juices flowing […]

Bet The House On It

USA Today: The Chicago Mercantile Exchange, a financial marketplace dealing in the value of everything from interest rates and foreign currencies to pork bellies, has committed to offer trading next year in a category many consumers take personally: U.S. home prices. Housing-price futures, based on the median home price in each of 10 U.S. cities, […]

Slip Slidin’ Away

Cynical-C points to this story in Variety. “We had the option to buy Netflix for $50 million and we didn’t do it. They were losing money. They came around a few times,” Blockbuster’s CEO, John Antioco, recalls. Instead, in 2000, Blockbuster inked a 20-year exclusive video-on-demand pactpact with Enron as the energy conglomconglom launched into […]

Blowing Bubbles While The Peninsula Burns

With all the deals being made in internet land these days, it’s only right that a blog called “Bubble 2.0″ would float. Bubble 2.0? The signs are all around us. First a mainstream business publication quotes Howard Rheingold. Then Esther Dyson starts making investments. Before you know it, there’s a new Vespa store in downtown […]

When A New Porsche Won’t Do

According to C|NET, software baron Dave Duffield is returning to the San Francisco Bay Area, and he plans to do it in style. The PeopleSoft founder has drafted plans for a mansion bigger than the Hearst Castle on 22 acres of land in the town of Alamo, about 30 miles East of the city by […]

Trickle Down Slow Down

USA Today claims “Oil has yet to hit problematic height” in a headline today. “At some point, high oil prices have to matter,” says David Briggs, head of global equity trading at Federated Investors. “When Joe Six Pack has to start paying $50 to fill up his tank, you have to think they will stop […]