Today’s New York Times looks at what the MicroHoo! deal could mean for “the minnows,” a.k.a. valley startups hoping to be acquired. No one (named in the article) really knows what it means, and people seem to be more concerned about the looming recession. However, the optimists have reason to believe “the recession” won’t hurt […]

Microsoft to Buy Yahoo. Google to Scratch Chin.

Microhoo! According to Market Watch, Microsoft Corp. offered to buy search-engine operator Yahoo Inc. for $31 a share, or $44.6 billion, in an effort to better compete with online-advertising juggernaut Google Inc. Microsoft executives acknowledged that Google is the 800-pound gorilla of the search market and said a partnership with Yahoo would create a stronger […]

Recession Proof Your Business with Sex, Guns & Booze

The Spending Pendulum

The dark clouds of recession are upon us. People want answers to their quesions. “What’s the Fed going to do about this? Can I sell my house in this market? Will my business fail?” Business too seeks answers. The Wall Street Journal looks closely at the key retail sector after weak holiday spending. Chains are […]

Time for Year-End Lists

‘Tis the season for year-end lists of every variety. Time Magazine has 50 such lists, one of which–Top 10 websites–I’d like to take a closer look at. 1. Lemonade.com 2. AskSunday.com 3. Wink.com 4. TechPresident.com 5. GoodReads.com 6. MenuPages.com 7. DontForgetYourToothbrush.com 8. VolunteerMatch.com 9. Fatsecret.com 10. Indeed.com It’s pretty easy to see the common thread […]

Gisele Scoffs At Our Measly Dollars

The U.S. dollar is in trouble. And people with money know it. According to Bloomberg, the dollar has lost 34 percent of its value since 2001 and investors say it will weaken further as home sales fall and the Federal Reserve cuts interest rates. The dollar plummeted to its lowest ever last week against the […]

Russians To See More Ads

Martin Sorrell, chief executive of advertising and marketing giant WPP Group PLC, is bullish on Russia. In Moscow for a WPP board meeting, Mr. Sorrell said WPP wants to quadruple the size of its Russian business over the next five years. “Our business in Russia is the smallest in the BRICs, but it’s the fastest-growing,” […]

Big Money In Sales

Fortune reports that the job du jour is online ad sales rep. In fact, the field is so hot, journalist Jessi Hempel was offered a “mid-six-figure” salary by a CEO to defect while reporting the story. Hiring a sales director “is the single biggest challenge that we have faced,” says Dina Kaplan, co-founder of Blip.tv, […]

When The Economy Tanks…

The dollar sank to a record low against the euro Thursday and traded at parity against the Canadian currency for the first time since 1976. In semi-related news, A VC sees a downturn coming in Web 2.0 products and services. The venture market in any industry (biotech, nanotech, green tech, comm equipment, web, etc) does […]

Not A Pretty Picture

A credit crunch, sparked by the subprime crisis, prompted depositors to make the first run on a British bank in a generation, developers of London’s tallest skyscraper to postpone construction plans and economists to warn that economic growth will shrink. [via USA Today]