Good Times, Bad Times, You Know I’ve Seen My Share

Stuart Elliott is my “friend” on Facebook, so I want to be courteous. Yet, I have to isolate this line from his story in The Times, “Persuading Companies to Keep Up Their Pitches.” Shoppers who are anxious about their jobs, savings and retirement accounts are in no mood to pay attention to the blandishments of […]

Budget Concerns Are One Thing, Innovative Thinking Is Another.

Here’s the headline I’m seeing this morning in The Wall Street Journal: With a headline like that, I don’t see much point in digesting the story. But I did so for you dear reader. The Journal refers to “experimental” budgets hitting the cutting-room floor. News flash: all marketing is experimental. Kind of like fishing. I […]

To Be Invisible, Or Not To Be

People are scrambling to figure out what the harrowing economic collapse means to them. Will they have a job on Monday? Will their 401K be worth anything when they retire? Should they begin walking to work and cultivating a garden? And so on. TechCrunch founder, Michael Arrington, writing about the ignoble end of Web. 2.0 […]

Talk About “Off The Charts”

Our national debt–over the $10 trillion mark–is now greater than the machine constructed in 1989 to count it. Wired says the digital dollar sign has been replaced with a cheaper, non-digital version to make room for the extra number.

Can It, For The Win (FTW)

Ed Cotton of Butler Shine + Stern sees some changes on the horizon. This one grabbed my attention: Rise of the grow your own movement- with $50,000 of annual food production available in the average American lot, people will start growing their own vegetables and foods. People will also start doing things like canning and […]

It’s A Good Time To Dream Big

Twisted as it may be, when the economy tanks, state lotteries capitalize on people’s fear and sell more game-of-chance tickets. According to Ad Age, lotteries are also altering their messages to fit the times, connecting to entertainment properties and gaining traction in social media playgrounds. Capitalizing on the country’s gas crisis, the Missouri Lottery has […]

Surprise! Congress Does What Wall Street Wants.

Earlier this week when the House defeated the Wall St. bailout, I thought we might be glimpsing a populist uprising. Wrong! According to NPR, the U.S. House just passed a $700 billion financial rescue package by a vote to 263-171, paving the way for the government to start buying up troubled assets from financial institutions […]

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming…

Breaking news from the nation’s capitol: A bipartisan group of U.S. House lawmakers defeated a $700 billion rescue plan for Wall Street on Monday, rejecting pleas from the Bush administration and congressional leaders from both parties. The 205-228 vote against the plan sent stocks plummeting, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average down around 500 points […]

The Oracle of Omaha’s Blessing (And Cash) Come In Handy

Today’s a good day to be Goldman Sachs. Warren Buffett, the wisest investor in Stock Market history, just gave the firm a vote of confidence like no other. Nothing talks like money, and Buffet’s firm, Berkshire Hathaway, just put $5 billion on the table. Buffett says Goldman Sachs is an exceptional institution. “It has an […]

How Dumb Some Ads Must Look To Cash Poor Households

Ed Cotton of Butler Shine and Stern says it’s a challenging, but exciting time to solve marketing problems. Brands needs to understand that the world has changed and the hopes and dreams they promised to consumers might ring rather hollow today. Brands need to get practical. They need to be smarter. They need to get […]