Bad Habits, Bad Practices, Bad Juju – Throw Them All On The Fire

Naturally, President Obama addressed the economy and our national psyche in his inaugural speech today. Here’s but one interesting passage: We remain the most prosperous, powerful nation on Earth. Our workers are no less productive than when this crisis began. Our minds are no less inventive, our goods and services no less needed than they […]

New PCs Lose Their Luster, Intel Says WTF

Earlier in the week, we mentioned that Intel ditched Mad Ave for a San Francisco boutique. According to The Wall Street Journal, Intel will need more than a new agency to turn things around. The technology provider is suffering from a rapid deceleration in computer demand and moves by PC makers to cut inventories in […]

Starbucks? No. McDonald’s? Yes.

Adweek’s Noreen O’Leary asked a number of agency people how they planned to market their clients’ products in this time of diminished credit and general economic woe. Here are a couple of the best responses: “This is not a normal recession. This is a tectonic, structural shift, a global realignment,” says Umair Haque, director of […]

Oil Futures Is A Twisted Game

NPR on contango and the insanity of oil futures.

Creative People Find Elegant Solutions (It’s Our Job)

Bill Taylor, co-author of Mavericks at Work: Why the Most Original Minds in Business Win with Polly LaBarre, reminds us that tough economic times are also times of innovation. Don’t let risky times dull your appetite for taking risk. More then ever, companies and their leaders have to offer a positive alternative to a demoralizing […]

Chrysler Drops Lump Of Coal In Omnicom’s Stocking

Chrysler is closing shop for 30 days. Shutting down production. Making no cars. From a Mad Man’s perspective, it’s horrible time to be on the Chrysler account. Ad Age Exhibit A: A Chrysler Bankruptcy Could Leave Omnicom Out $80M Ad Age Exhibit B: Omnicom Set to Cut Up to 3,500 Jobs Should Chrysler fail to […]

Orlando! For The Kids

Orlando agency, Push has crafted a new campaign for the Orlando/Orange County Convention & Visitors Bureau. And guess what…it features a baby. Isn’t that cute. Research commissioned by the Orlando CVB showed the need to create an overall positioning for Orlando that focuses on the personal connections and emotions resulting from the destination’s distinct offerings. […]

Digital Means Dollars

Laura Oppenheimer of The Oregonian called around to see how things in the Portland agency scene are progressing in this time of tumult. Here’s one factoid she uncovered that I find interesting. The state is home to more than 300 advertising firms that employ 1,900 people. The average wage, according to state figures: a cool […]

IBM Seeks To Solve World’s Pressing Problems

Can we pause a minute to reflect on the IBM brand? What’s your perception of this important company? You’d have lots of company if you said, “conservative,” “entrenched,” or “no longer relevant.” You’d also be way off mark. Business Week is offering an optimism-filled story about IBM and its plans to capitalize on the worldwide […]

Drinking To Our Demise

While you do not want to be on a car account today, working on just about any brand in the adult beverage category provides a degree of comfort. Take Brown-Forman’s Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey–the product is flying off the shelf at retail and on-premise. Investors generally regard spirits as a stable product in tough economic […]