The Recession’s Psychological Toll

Americans want to get back to business. Or at least that’s the message in this Time Magazine “Money & Main St” article from Sean Gregory. The article’s backbone is a new study from WSL Strategic Retail. Apparently 1 in 4 of the shoppers WSL surveyed said they were “tired of watching every little penny and […]

People Don’t Have A Lot To Spend, But They Do Have $0.99

John Gerzema, Chief Insights Officer for Young & Rubicam, shares some thoughts about the re-emergence of frugal consumers and how micropayments appeal to this growing market segment. Certainly folks are saving more, deleveraging by increasing their savings relative to their spending, but they are also finding new ways to spend. Specifically, a rise in micropayments […]

Word from the Capitalist Confab

OMAHA–Yesterday morning when I woke, I heard an owl hooting it up outside my window. I can’t help but see the significance, as I was rising to attend my first Berkshire Hathaway shareholder’s meeting, along with 35,000 others seeking the sage advice of Warren Buffett, 78, and Berkshire Vice Chairman, Charlie Munger, 85. My mom […]

Fraying At The Seams

Today’s business headlines form The New York Times: Starbucks, Awaiting Recovery, Says Profit Fell 77% Viacom’s Earnings Fall 34% Final Effort to Avert Chrysler Bankruptcy Falls Short Lower Oil Prices Trim Exxon’s Profit Radio Giant Faces Crisis in Cash Flow IAC Posts Quarterly Loss as Ad Revenue Drops Never Mind What It Costs. Can I […]

When It Cuts Into Your Game, The Recession Is Going Too Far

Golf is a game that builds character and the powers of concentration. It takes patience, persistence and a drive to improve. Therefore, it’s an important part of many executives lives. Yet, some of those execs are cutting back on rounds and the travel often associated with a golf outing. According to Ad Age, ad execs […]

Plop Plop Fizz Fizz

Writing in Adweek, Steve Simpson of Goodby Silverstein & Partners hits upon a strange truth for our time–that well made commercials are a welcome relief from the drone of sour news and other reality-based programming. The (news) announcer relays the day’s drama from Wall Street, where the rat-faced traders skitter rabid across the trading floor […]

Free Idea # 1: Enough With the Drawn Butter

One of the world’s favorite crustaceans is in need of a new image. With a global recession on, people simply aren’t buying lobster like they once did, despite steep drops in retail pricing. According to the Canadian Broadcasting Company in January, processors had frozen lobster worth at least $30 million in their freezers, mostly in […]

Newtonian Economics

Perspective is a good thing to have, especially in tough times. If you study history at all, you come to realize that modern day Americans don’t know what tough times are. There’s no famine or plague, no domestic holocaust. David Young of Young & Laramore in Indianapolis knows British history. A Plague Year (1665) is […]