Advertising Hurt By 15.4% Reduction In Client Spending

[source: “Breaking Down The Advertising Apocalypse” from Silicon Alley Insider]

Funny Money Is Serious Business

According to The Denver Post, the town of Crested Butte, CO has come up with a creative way to support local merchants–they issued their own money, a.k.a. scrip. Consumers purchase Butte Bucks at a 20 percent discount at the Crested Butte Visitor’s Center, up to 100 a day for $80, until the supply runs out. […]

Evolution Doesn’t Favor the Weak Or the Intransigent

Ad industry bloat–as represented by $499.1 billion in global ad spending for 2008–is over and the industry is changed forever. At least that’s the word from Sir Martin. According to The Wall Street Journal: The advertising industry “can return to what it was, but it’s not going to be the same,” WPP Chief Executive Martin […]

Banking On The Shitstem To Take Care of Business Is A Bad Idea

The banking industry is making your job and mine much harder to do. In order to move product and services (our job), people need money and/or access to money. Sadly, millions of Americans who once had access to money no longer do. According to Los Angeles Times, credit card companies slashed limits for an estimated […]

One Day You’re A Creative Director, The Next You’re Not

Marc Colucci a director with Picture Park in Boston is the director of “Lemonade,” a new documentary about laid off ad peeps finding their way in the New World Order. On Please Feed the Animals, Colucci says, “I wanted to be a part of this film so that I could help my laid-off friends and […]

Here, Sign This And You Can Have One Month of Severance

It’s not often that you see labor activists get in the grill of a large advertising concern, but that’s what’s happening in New York City, where members of Industrial Workers of the World (the Wobblies) are protesting the rough treatment workers at Havas’ Media Planning Group (MPG) received last spring. MPG recently cut 11 percent […]

Can You Imagine Any Ad Guy’s Advice Being Worth One Tenth of This?

Direct one-on-one advice from the world’s most sage investor is priceless. Scratch that, the price is $2.1 mil. That’s the coin that Chinese Hedge Fund manager, Zhao Danyang paid to dine with Warren Buffett, a.k.a. “The Oracle of Omaha” at Smith & Wollensky’s in New York yesterday.. Embedded video from Video According to Fortune, […]

Clear Makes It Clear: Get Back In Line

Nothing says privilege like bypassing people standing in a long line, especially at a high stress terminus like an airport. That’s why Clear got $199 from 260,000 members interested in skating by security lines at 21 U.S. airports. But those Clear customers are now SOL. According to the Washington Post, New York-based Verified Identity Pass […]