Respond Dammit

Spike Jones at Brains On Fire republished the latest response rate findings from the Direct Marketing Association: Here’s a breakdown of what they found out about average response rates for 2005: Direct Mail: 2.77% Dimensional Mail: 3.67% Postcards: 2.19% Catalogs: 3.67% E-mail: 2.48% Telephone: 8.55% Package Inserts: 1.74% Statement Stuffers: Less than 1% Coupons: 4.29% […]

Blogging Directly

Bob Cargill, a Sudbury, Mass-based creative director, copywriter and communications strategist is stoked about the launch of two new blogs directly in his realm of expertisedirect marketing. It was inevitable that both DIRECT and DM News would eventually establish a presence in the blogosphere, but whats the chance of two of my favorite trade publications […]

Tupperware Parties Explode

USA Today is running an article on direct selling. Amy Robinson, spokeswoman for the Direct Selling Association (DSA), says 74% of consumers have purchased something via direct selling. “If I bring it to you in your home, there’s no real distraction, and I can get you to shop for an hour and a half. If […]

Directly Speaking, Can We Control Ourselves?

Well, on Monday I wrote of my displeasure with National City Bank. For the bigger implications of this, check out my new column on Talent Zoo: Since I work in the ad industry, I know this wasn’t a faceless backroom operation. Someone high up at my bank had the idea to send out unsolicited CheckCards. […]

Coupons Movin’ Up In The World

DM News: Consumers who use Coupons Inc. Share

CVS Knows You Like K-Y Jelly. Now The World May Find Out.

It was only a matter of time. USA Today reports on the latest security breach involving “loyalty cards”, this time at CVS. The data security flaw in the ExtraCare card service was exposed Monday by the grassroots group Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering, or CASPIAN. It said anyone could learn what a customer […]

This Brochure Stinks

The Patriot News: So, you want to buy a house in the country? Some Lebanon County officials want to warn you that it might stink. To drive the point home, they are developing a brochure that features scratch ‘n sniff manure. The scratch ‘n sniff smell is coming from a company in Chattanooga, Tenn., called […]

What Can Brown Do For You? Screw Up Your Life, That’s What

According to CNN, Citigroup is reporting the loss of personal info on almost 4 million credit card customers–the largest single incident of identity theft yet. UPS lost a package of data tapes in transit from Citigroup to Experian, a credit-reporting agency. The tapes contained “Social Security numbers, names, account history and loan information about retail […]

Parsons Parses

GoDaddy’s Super Bowl ad, in which a buxom woman assures a panel at a Senate hearing that her top won’t fall off during a commercial, received the highest recall rating of all the game’s advertisers, according to ACNielson. The day after the game, site visits spiked to 1.1 million, about five times more visits than […]

Let’s Pull The Plug On Direct Marketers Instead

Frankly, I think this is just disgusting. A New York Times article suggests that Terri Schiavo’s parents have agreed to sell a list of their financial supporters to a direct marketing firm. Just think of the types of organizations who have been most vocal in wanting to re-insert Schiavo’s feeding tube and you’ll get a […]