Deep Into Data

Is the web a place best suited to brand building or to direct marketing? It’s a popular debate inside agencies and client boardrooms. According to The New York Times, Alaska Airlines is on the DM side of this equation. Alaska Airlines is introducing a system on the Internet to create unique advertisements for people as […]

A Sublayer of Even Nastier Ads

Time To Cut Back On The Bacn

According to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, a new term was coined last month at PodCamp Pittsburgh 2. The term is “bacn” (pronounced bacon). Bacn is opt-in email from your bank, your dentist and other service providers. It’s not exactly spam, because you asked for it. But it’s not personal e-mail either. For online marketers, bacn is the […]

Cable Imitates Interweb. Hopes Ad Dollars Will Follow.

According to The Wall Street Journal (paid sub. req.), the ability to direct ads to viewers’ specific interests which is driving the growth of Internet advertising, could also fuel the new ad opportunities on cable platforms. Cable operators, through which a majority of Americans watch TV, are developing a new generation of marketing platform, including […]

Another Dirty Trick

The New York Times is giving out some valuable consumer advise in an article titled, “Don’t Call. Don’t Write. Let Me Be.” Whatever you do, do not respond to an unsolicited e-mail message when it gives you the option to opt out of receiving more e-mail. That is a trick used by spammers to confirm […]

Identity Theft Goes Maxx

This seems to be becoming a weekly occurrence. From The New York Times: The TJX Companies, the retailer that operates the T. J. Maxx and Marshalls discount clothing chains, has joined the ignominious list of companies that have had sensitive customer financial data pilfered by identity thieves. Yesterday the company, based in Framingham, Mass., said […]

Hypertargeting a.k.a. Stalking

The Wall Street Journal looks at Unisys’ attempt to reach key influencers. Advertising has long been a game of pitches to the masses, an approach still employed by makers of soda and fast food, among many others. Increasingly however, marketers who sell to other businesses are recognizing that aiming their advertising more narrowly can be […]

Direct Mail May Not Be Sexy But It’s Still A Growth Biz

Even The New York Times calls it junk mail: Over the last year, marketers sent more than 114 billion pieces of direct mail — catalogues, credit card solicitations, coupons and the like — an increase of roughly 15 percent from five years ago, according to the United States Postal Service. And in the last year, […]

Price Will Always Play

In today’s paper, New York Times takes a look at the lowly coupon and its place in the world. An estimated 99 percent of the roughly 300 billion coupons distributed annually in the United States — mainly in Sunday newspapers — end up in the trash, unused and unredeemed. “The paper coupon is the single […]

Now, Even Those With No Web Site Can Feel Warmth Of Google’s Glow

USA Today reports on Google’s attempt to reach small businesses with no web presence. Internet search giant Google on Monday night began offering small businesses a free way to offer coupons online. The initiative is aimed primarily at the millions of businesses that don’t currently advertise online, and offers them the ability to attract local […]