Hey, Leave The Internet Out of This

Jeff Jarvis says the darndest things. In response, The Ad Contrarian says things too. …the internet has created a new species of human being. And these new human beings live in a wonderful world in which they have relationships with all the companies that make the products they use. And the only time companies need […]

Go Big Or Go Home

Online ad units are about to blow up. Their increased size could be rejected as an unwanted intrusion, but it’s just as likely that the larger canvas for branded storytelling will bring heightened creativity from the developers and greater consumer engagement. According to Adweek’s Brian Morrissey, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, ESPN and […]

Goes Great With Insulated Crocs! Order Now!

Ad Age says, “The quirky little blanket with sleeves has become the raiment of the zeitgeist, with more than 4 million units sold in just over three months and more than 200 parody videos on YouTube.” Share

Eat On Barack’s Face

Yes, I voted for the guy, but this commercial is creepy. It’s not his “confident smile and kind eyes” that I care about. It’s his brain. But I guess there’s nothing more American than the right to promote tacky commemoratives through special TV offers. UPDATE: And, uh, Biden gets one too! Share

Make the Sale, Then Go Paint Your Masterpiece

“Consumed” columnist, Rob Walker, takes on a subject today that has the power to upset, annoy and challenge people who build brands for a living. That’s right, Billy Mays is the subject of an article in The New York Times Sunday Magazine. Pretty highbrow territory for the master of yell-and-sell. Walker points out that despite […]

It’s Not Junk If It’s Printed with Soy-Based Inks on Recycled Paper

If you’re not green today, you’re missing the boat. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, it’s imperative to find a more ecologically sensitive path to profit. According to The New York Times, even direct marketers want in on the action. A group of direct-marketing companies, along with a handful of their corporate clients, are […]

An “In the Box” Idea

LOWE, Bangkok found a way to do something creative with Direct. [via Ad Goodness] Share

Save Habitat And Printing And Postage

I’m on a mission to stop environmental groups that I support from sending me direct mail. To that end, I’ve emailed both NRDC and Greenpeace about it. Thus far, neither group has responded. The sad thing is I won’t give them any more money, until this is worked out. Share

Deep Into Data

Is the web a place best suited to brand building or to direct marketing? It’s a popular debate inside agencies and client boardrooms. According to The New York Times, Alaska Airlines is on the DM side of this equation. Alaska Airlines is introducing a system on the Internet to create unique advertisements for people as […]

A Sublayer of Even Nastier Ads