Get In Front of Agency Pros With Purse Strings, Here And Now


The numbers are in and interactive advertising continues to soar. According to Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) 2010 Internet advertising revenues totaled a record $26 billion, up 15% from 2009. The most popular ad format in 2010 was search which represented 46% of revenue and saw 12% growth from last year. Sponsorships saw the most growth […]

Digital Means Dollars. But What Else Does It Mean?

You may have heard that ad agencies can’t find talented and experienced digital craftsmen fast enough. Be that as it may, agencies are finding willing members of the digerati and signing them up in record numbers. According to the Star Tribune, Minneapolis ad agencies “are hopping on the social media train with lots of hires […]

Count Clicks All You Want, But Don’t Stop There

Media Life Magazine asked several media execs to answer this question: How do you talk sense to a client who insists on measuring the results of an online campaign based on what sort of click-throughs the creative is getting? Kerry Guard, senior connection planner at Wong, Doody, Crandall, Wiener in Seattle says, “the key is […]

Airport Bathroom Ads Are About To Take Off

Unless you’re former Senator Larry Craig, airport bathrooms are a place you want to get into and out of fast. Real fast. And avoid distractions. But some advertisers think there’s an opportunity there. USA Today has more on what’s coming to the bathrooms of Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport: The 40-inch digital-display screens will be placed […]

Spotlight On NW Creative: Periscopic


Portland-based Periscopic is a socially conscious information visualization firm, and a featured winner in this year’s CA Interactive Annual for their work on VoteEasy, a project by the nonpartisan group, Project Vote Smart. Utilizing thousands of hours of research and a vast collection of data, this voter education tool allows the general public to quickly […]

Empty Pipes Don’t Do The Pipemaker Good

The two words, “video content” are sweet music to the ears of many thousands of people who make, optimize and deliver video content, and to millions more who enjoy watching it. While indie filmmakers and small production companies rule the creative roost, when it comes to delivery of video content, YouTube’s parent company, The Google, […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: Sweeps Are The Anti-Viral

Peter Yared of Webtrends Apps regularly contributes to Venture Beat, and recently ReadWriteWeb picked up his story about what kind of marketing works, and what kind doesn’t work, on Facebook. It’s a well reason piece and an important one for anyone thinking up Facebook promotions. Yared’s take on sweepstakes is obvious, yet revealing. Facebook users […]

Will New Industry Schools Close The Digital Education Gap?

A new study reveals a significant gap between the level of sophistication of interactive advertising platforms and how comfortable industry executives are in articulating the value of those platforms to media buyers and marketers. More than 640 digital publishers, advertisers, agency executives and researchers from across the U.S. responded to the IAB and Ernst & […]

Morrissey Moves “To Where Digital Content & Commerce Collide”

Marathon runner and industry journalist, Brian Morrissey is taking over as the new editor-in-chief of DM2 Media. Image courtesy of Flickr user, David Berkowitz “We’re thrilled to have Brian lead us into the next phase of DIGIDAY,” said Nick Friese, CEO of DM2 Media | DIGIDAY. “Our mission is to serve the digital media and […]

Little Boxes With Text In Them Need A New Name, Because They’re Not “Ads” In A Classic Sense

Today LinkedIn’s self-service pay-per-click text advertising offering, LinkedIn Ads, emerges from beta with a new set of targeting options that will increase the return on investment of ad campaigns by providing advertisers access to a high-quality and relevant audience of professionals. In addition to text and display ads, LinkedIn offers a number of customized marketing […]