Yet Another Facebook Story: Sweeps Are The Anti-Viral

Peter Yared of Webtrends Apps regularly contributes to Venture Beat, and recently ReadWriteWeb picked up his story about what kind of marketing works, and what kind doesn’t work, on Facebook. It’s a well reason piece and an important one for anyone thinking up Facebook promotions. Yared’s take on sweepstakes is obvious, yet revealing. Facebook users […]

Will New Industry Schools Close The Digital Education Gap?

A new study reveals a significant gap between the level of sophistication of interactive advertising platforms and how comfortable industry executives are in articulating the value of those platforms to media buyers and marketers. More than 640 digital publishers, advertisers, agency executives and researchers from across the U.S. responded to the IAB and Ernst & […]

Morrissey Moves “To Where Digital Content & Commerce Collide”

Marathon runner and industry journalist, Brian Morrissey is taking over as the new editor-in-chief of DM2 Media. Image courtesy of Flickr user, David Berkowitz “We’re thrilled to have Brian lead us into the next phase of DIGIDAY,” said Nick Friese, CEO of DM2 Media | DIGIDAY. “Our mission is to serve the digital media and […]

Little Boxes With Text In Them Need A New Name, Because They’re Not “Ads” In A Classic Sense

Today LinkedIn’s self-service pay-per-click text advertising offering, LinkedIn Ads, emerges from beta with a new set of targeting options that will increase the return on investment of ad campaigns by providing advertisers access to a high-quality and relevant audience of professionals. In addition to text and display ads, LinkedIn offers a number of customized marketing […]

Why Just Check In, When You Can Check In And Win?

My friends at BFG Communications in Hilton Head Island (where I once worked) recently won the Buffalo Wild Wings’ social media marketing account. It didn’t take them long to strike. According to today’s New York Times, Buffalo Wild Wings is embarking on a geolocation campaign, called “Home Court Advantage,” in hopes of engaging customers at […]

Local Merchants Need A Digital Hand, Not Sure Where To Find It

Ken Doctor of Newsonomics offers up 11 news industry metrics to watch in 2011. Here’s an interesting look at one big development (that ad people might want to know more about): How good are the margins in the fast-developing marketing services business? Tribune’s 435 Digital, GannettLocal, and Advance Internet are among the leaders selling everything […]

You Have Been Consulted, And Here You Are Being Consulted Again

The excellent writer Paul Ford of Ftrain says, “The web is a customer service medium, not a publishing medium.” Ford’s declaration has the potential to help a lot of people get the web right. Ford is a writer, so he knows people in the book- and magazine-publishing industries. Some people in these industries–the ones who […]

Time Inc. Now Working From Meredith’s Playbook

When Randall Rothenberg’s book, Where The Suckers Moon: An Advertising Story, became available from Knopf on October 25, 1994, I purchased the book and read every word. Because it’s a great story about a great ad agency, told by a great journalist who had unprecedented access to the players. Since then, Rothenberg has gone on […]

More On Digital Disruption–You Can’t Learn This Stuff Fast Enough

According to The Wall Street Journal, ad and marketing agencies are under enormous pressure to reinvent themselves as the velocity of change has marketers questioning whether the ad business is equipped to deal with the new landscape. “We can no longer just acquire firms; it’s just not good enough,” says Bob Jeffrey, JWT’s chief executive. […]

Bob Hoffman Tries To Hold The Ocean Back With A Broom

Our favorite Ad Contrarian takes the stage in an Adweek article, raising alarm about the pervasiveness of tracking on the Internet. Here’s the conclusion he draws: There’s no reasonable way that this is a good development for a free society. There is no realistic vision of the future in which this will not lead to […]