Time Inc. Now Working From Meredith’s Playbook

When Randall Rothenberg’s book, Where The Suckers Moon: An Advertising Story, became available from Knopf on October 25, 1994, I purchased the book and read every word. Because it’s a great story about a great ad agency, told by a great journalist who had unprecedented access to the players. Since then, Rothenberg has gone on […]

More On Digital Disruption–You Can’t Learn This Stuff Fast Enough

According to The Wall Street Journal, ad and marketing agencies are under enormous pressure to reinvent themselves as the velocity of change has marketers questioning whether the ad business is equipped to deal with the new landscape. “We can no longer just acquire firms; it’s just not good enough,” says Bob Jeffrey, JWT’s chief executive. […]

Bob Hoffman Tries To Hold The Ocean Back With A Broom

Our favorite Ad Contrarian takes the stage in an Adweek article, raising alarm about the pervasiveness of tracking on the Internet. Here’s the conclusion he draws: There’s no reasonable way that this is a good development for a free society. There is no realistic vision of the future in which this will not lead to […]

Like Bookmarks, But Better

AdKeeper, which allows consumers to “clip and keep” an online ad, emerged from stealth in October, and has since been operating in beta, preparing for its full roll out in Q-1 of 2011. AdKeeper’s Founder, Chairman & CEO Scott Kurnit, who is also the founder of About.com, said, “Advertisers love AdKeeper because it delivers true […]

Landolakes.com New Design Like Butter

With the launch of a new website by Colle+McVoy, the venerable 85-year-old Land O’Lakes Dairy Foods brand introduces new content and heightened functionality just in time for holiday cooking. The newly refreshed Landolakes.com is a complete site redesign meant to help consumers engage with an established brand in new ways. For instance, the Test Kitchen […]

When The Intel Lacks Intelligence, Promoters, Not Pirates, Get Hurt

Kevin Hofman of hip-hop site OnSmash.com is bumming. According to The New York Times, OnSmash.com was one of 82 sites seized by the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement unit, due to accusations of copyright infringement and selling counterfeit goods. Problem is, Hofman isn’t a pirate. He’s a promoter. OnSmash.com and the handful of other […]

Clickity Clack

Alexis Madrigal of The Atlantic took a look at this graph from MorganStanley analyst Mary Meeker and paused to consider what it means. For people working in digital advertising, it means there’s a long ways to go before media consumption and online ad spending meet in a happy place. Of course, Madrigal doesn’t work in […]

Innovate Writing On The Platform Of Your Choice

OPEN Forum got my attention this morning thanks to a feature interview with Andy Hunter and Scott Lindenbaum of Electric Literature, a new literary magazine that’s making it big. One of the reasons they’re making it big: they practice media agnosticism. By offering more than the paperback option–in fact, by making their journal available on […]

Of Course You’re Special, But You Have To Prove It

Shiv Singh, head of digital for PepsiCo and author of Social Media Marketing for Dummies has a sobering post up on his blog about his move to the client side and how he sees the agency landscape today. Agencies are fabulous but they aren’t that fabulous. Probably the most humbling fact about moving over to […]

Location-Based Promo Makes Perfect Sense For Big City Daily

A printed copy of the San Diego Union-Tribune is free when you “check in” at select Union-Tribune kiosk locations with Foursquare, Gowalla or Facebook. Users “check in” at a kiosk then show the attending merchant their mobile phone as proof of “payment” for the paper. I’ve commented favorable many times in these pages about building […]