Dear Small Business Owner, Get Up On This

Gene Marks is a guy with a web site; yet, he knows that not every small business needs one. Writing in BusinessWeek, Marks says, “millions of business owners may know something that we’re not prepared to admit. Some people don’t really need a Web site at all. Maybe a Web page. But not a Web […]

Due To Scoble Blindess, Men Fail To See Digital Divide, Fall Into Trap

Alan Wolk does it again. First, he comes up with the term NASCAR Blindness to describe how coastal elites fail to understand what motivates average Americans. Now, he has a new term, Scoble Blindness, to describe a similar condition that afflicts those working in the tech sector. Scoble Blindness is the strongly held belief that […]

While The Industry’s Artistes Measure Creativity In Cannes, And Elsewhere, The Digerati Generate Reports And Cash Checks

Seth Godin and Darren Barefoot both address measurability of online ad buys and conclude there’s nothing to fear but the numbers. Here’s Seth: If your ads work, if you can measure them and they return more profit than they cost, why not keep buying them until they stop working? And if they don’t work, why […]

We Are But Babes In The Web’s Woods

Susan Murphy of Jester Creative reflects on the invention of the World Wide Web and concludes that we haven’t figured it out yet. Though we originally took the Web to be a simply a means of presenting information, Berners-Lee actually invented the Web as a means of communication and collaboration. 12 years after its rise […]

JWT Is Spamming Me Hard. Or Maybe Not.

Normally, I don’t pay much attention to spam e-mails like this… …but in the split second I did look at it I noticed this right below the image: It took me more than a minute to see the typos that would indicate that this is not a legit e-mail marketing campaign from one of JWT’s […]

Free Ad For Olan Mills

More information on Olan Mills. More information on Orange Coat. p.s. Huskers v. Tigers on 1/1/09! Share

User-Centric Design Is Also Ad-Centric Design For ESPN believes less is more when it comes to digital design (and I’d tend to agree). According to The New York Times, the sports site is about to go a major design overhaul. Currently, sports fans are greeted by “intense coverage of every major sport from the get-go.” John Skipper, ESPN’s executive vice president for […]

Digital Means Dollars

Laura Oppenheimer of The Oregonian called around to see how things in the Portland agency scene are progressing in this time of tumult. Here’s one factoid she uncovered that I find interesting. The state is home to more than 300 advertising firms that employ 1,900 people. The average wage, according to state figures: a cool […]

Let’s Not Get Carried Away With All the Tweaking and Testing

Digital media is trackable and malleable. These two facts are creating new opportunities in marketing services and a degree of tension in Old Adlandia. According to The New York Times, “a new breed of companies” is emerging to tweak the hell out of online creative. They create hundreds of versions of clients’ online ads, changing […]

Women Like To Get Things Done Online

According to Ad Age, if packaged goods marketers want to reach busy women, they need to do it online. Microsoft, Mindshare and Ogilvy & Mather have been studying women they call “digital divas.” Let’s examine some of their findings: “There are women we found who actually have standing orders with Amazon for their toilet paper,” […]