Tradigital Talent Is Still Rare In These Parts

Owen Hannay, chairman and CEO of Dallas agency Slingshot, suggests in Adweek that clients ought to ask five tough questions of agencies proposing to handle both traditional ad duties and digital marketing. 1. Is the agency team that leads brand strategy as adept and knowledgeable about the digital space as it is the traditional space? […]

Your Friend The President

We noted here several times last fall that Barack Obama’s rise to power is a new textbook for brand marketers worldwide. In it, they’ll find chapters on crafting a winning vision, speaking from the heart, and how to motivate people on the ground. All good things to know. Matt Bai, who covers politics for the […]

Mastering Any Discipline Is A Great Beginning

Writing in Ad Age, Reuben Steiger is CEO of Millions of Us reflects on why the traditional agencies failed to swoop in on the digital planet, making it their own, ten years ago. 1. Traditional agencies were in the process of distancing themselves from production work. 2. The web looked crummy. Ad agencies are about […]

Public Confessions To Arouse Interest In “Big Love”

One needn’t encourage anonymous confessions on the Internet. There are hordes of people ready, willing and able to tell all sorts of things about themselves. HBO, in its latest promotion for “Big Love,” is taking advantage of this interest in sharing prurient content. In fact, HBO has a Web of Secrets microsite packed with R-rated […]

Bring A Balanced Attack

Earlier this week a student in England asked if it is now more beneficial for companies to advertise on the internet rather than on television? Bob Hoffman, who owns an agency in San Francisco that makes TV spots for McDonald’s and Toyota, says, “no.” Beverly Thorne, senior VP-marketing, Century 21 is of another mind. According […]

Indie Design Collectives Way of the Future

Web developer, Brian Warren of Be Good Not Bad, has some seriously positive energy to share, particularly with people like him who freelance, consult or work in small agencies. Don’t get me wrong. I’m under no illusions about the state of the world economy. But it’s times like these I’m very glad I’m not working […]

A Pean To Incremental Profit

Adliterate’s Richard Huntington sees a difference between accountability and effectiveness. I’m not sure I do, but let’s go with his vision for a moment: …the standard measure for return on investment would appear to be the difference between the cost of the campaign and the cost of reaching the same number of people in more […]

Respect The Channel, Or Be Swept Out To Sea

“Social media.” Those two words on a lot of lips today. Gavin Heaton, writing on Servant of Chaos riffs on Gary Vaynerchuck: NOT engaging with your customers via social media creates opportunities for your competitors. And while you may not lose your whole market, you may well lose the high yield, low churn folks who […]

Dear Small Business Owner, Get Up On This

Gene Marks is a guy with a web site; yet, he knows that not every small business needs one. Writing in BusinessWeek, Marks says, “millions of business owners may know something that we’re not prepared to admit. Some people don’t really need a Web site at all. Maybe a Web page. But not a Web […]

Due To Scoble Blindess, Men Fail To See Digital Divide, Fall Into Trap

Alan Wolk does it again. First, he comes up with the term NASCAR Blindness to describe how coastal elites fail to understand what motivates average Americans. Now, he has a new term, Scoble Blindness, to describe a similar condition that afflicts those working in the tech sector. Scoble Blindness is the strongly held belief that […]